Which are the Most Common Table Games You Can Find at a Casino?

Gambling has been around for a long time. Although slot games are relatively recent, the casino table games boast a long history, some of them going back centuries. With the advent in the past two decades of online casinos, we can now play them all from the comfort of our own homes. These gambling platforms even succeeded in recreating the ambiance of the real luxurious venues and most importantly, make everything accessible and at the distance of a button.




Online casinos include a vast selection of products, ranging from the latest video slots to a numerous array of classic card and table games like Blackjack, Poker or Roulette. For most of them, the gambling portals existing out there prepared exciting promotions to motivate their players. Visit KingCasinoBonus to find the best ones! There’s no better feeling than playing online with real-money stakes and bonuses.

What kind of games can you find at an online casino?

There are too many cards and table games you could put a bet on than we have time and space to name, but usually, online casinos, as well as the great gambling venues, host just a small amount of the most popular of them. Among which we could name:

  • Blackjack – One of the most popular card games nowadays, Blackjack has simple rules and it’s addressed to any type of bettor regardless of the experience. It starts with the dealer sharing 2 cards for each bet. Once this phase has reached to an end, it’s time for the players to ask or pass the option of getting one or more cards. The purpose of the game is to get either a combination of Ace and Jack at the start or to get any number close to 21, one that can beat the dealer’s hand;
  • Poker – It is probably the most well-known card game in the history of gambling and comes in a variety of different versions that share the same rules, those of obtaining certain pairs or combinations. It can be found as Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Poker, 3-Cards Poker, Jacks or Better and many other modules. It is a game in which skill and experience, but also luck, represent the greatest factors that influence the end result of a round;
  • Roulette – The modern Roulette as we know it was first documented in France. Nowadays, there are 2 types of Roulette: the French Roulette and the American Roulette. The first one has 37 numbers while the second one has 38 numbers. There are various ways of betting on this game. You can either bet on the numbers or on the colours. The lower the winning chances, the higher the payout;
  • Baccarat – A table game that appears in all casinos’ products offer but doesn’t get enough credit is Baccarat. It is fairly easy to play. The dealer, as well as the player, get 2 cards of which value is added and the one that gets the closest sum to 9 wins the round. It is based more on luck than anything else, but it is, nevertheless, a game that is worth playing.

Whichever you choose to play, you’ll certainly have a great time. And don’t forget to associate them with a great promotion that will make your gambling experience even more enjoyable. Have fun!