How Touchscreens Have Changed the Way Our Kids Grow Up


From the iPad to the touchscreen PC, touchscreens and other devices are rapidly replacing toys for our children. Touchscreens, in particular, are not only more prominent than action figures and dolls but are still far ahead of other devices like game consoles and play vehicles. The fact that children are taking to technology quickly is not a debating point. It is readily obvious for anyone with eyes. The big question, however, is how this can be used to enhance the way our children learn in the classroom and their overall development. In fact, many things are already happening that impact the way our kids learn, perhaps even making them learn faster than we did when we were their age and end up more intelligent than us.



Computers Are Taking Over Classrooms


Computers are evolving every year. They are becoming more efficient, seeing an increase in their functionality, and also becoming more aesthetically pleasing. They are slowly gaining an edge that educators cannot ignore when implementing their curricula. Computers in all their versions allow students to not only gain access to more information for their learning but also to learn at their own pace. There is plenty of computer software out there that can be taken advantage of to improve the way students learn, including word processors, educational applications and even games. In fact, games are quite useful for developing mental skills as well as motor skills and reflexes in students. Computers also allow lessons to be conducted remotely. Either the instructor can instruct a class remotely, or the student can attend a classroom from home when they are sick, for example.

Appropriate Access to the Internet Improves Learning Experience


The internet is quite useful for self-learning and helps the student to develop a good amount of confidence and autonomy in their learning. They get to do their own research and learn to wade their way through all of the information available on the internet to find what they are looking for. Teachers can also use content management software to create websites where students can access study groups and assignments. All the same, the access of the students to the internet should be closely monitored so that the instructors know what the children are viewing on the internet at all times. Certain types of websites should also be blocked to ensure that kids do not view inappropriate content.

Simulators and Robots Are Boosting Special Education


Children with special needs as far as their education is concerned can now see a massive enhancement to the way they learn through the use of robots in the classroom. These robots can be programmed according to the needs of these children and act as their constant companions and monitoring systems. As for simulators, they are a great way to introduce children to scenarios in the real world in a safe environment. Simulators also allow teachers to see the world from the point of view of their special needs students.