2K Sports Releases New “Pitching and Hitting” Dev Diary for MLB 2K11

Some more MLB 2k11 stuff for you, specifically screen shots and Dev Diary.

2K Sports’ latest ‘Dev Diary’ for Major League Baseball 2K11 – “Pitching and Hitting”. In this post, Gameplay Designer Sean Bailey discusses the mechanics of different hit types and swings, as well as updated camera angles that gives the presentation a more realistic feel. On the pitching side, the Dev Diary also explains a pitcher’s delivery to the strike zone, and control factors that play into your pitch count.


cargoplate2 cargoswing crawfordswing Halladay_pitchbreakdown lincecum_pitchbreakdown lincecum_playercard lincecum_splitchange maxpitchvsuribe pitchcount PitcherControlSlider tuloplate vottoplate vottoswing 

To read the full post, head over here to read the full diary: http://www.facebook.com/notes/mlb-2k/mlb-2k11-developer-diary-3-pitching-and-hitting/10150100792923194