A Three-in-One Product, Android Mini Laptop Netbook eBook Is Available at DinoDirect.com

Here’s another budget Android tablet priced at $99.99, though it’s running Android 1.6. It has 256mb DDR2 ram, a 7” screen running at 800×480 resolution and battery life up to 5 hours. Looking at the product page it does mention something about being upgraded to Android 2.1 from the stock 1.6.

DinoDirect.com, a large online shopping store, today announced the availability of an innovative new e-book named as Android 3G Mini Laptop Netbook eBook.

The avant-garde 7 Inch 3G mini Netbook Android eBook reader is a combination of all the features of an MID, digital camera and e-book reader. With just one device, now consumers will be able to make phone calls, see movies, play games, flip through photos, take photos or record video all in no time. All of this can be done with the help of the big, attractive and unbelievably responsive 7 inch touch screen. The ease of operation is another hallmark of this product. This device has all those features to support a user’s business communication and entertainment needs.


"We would like to introduce this new Mini Laptop to one and all and we believe that this new brand laptop will provide high value for the money," expressed the Marketing director of DinoDirect.com. Talking about the functional richness and innovativeness of this laptop he added, "You will be able to perform all communication and entertainment functions in one single device and more importantly, you can do most things in one click." The price of this gorgeous Mini Laptop is US$ 99.99. In terms of performance, this is comparable to any of the relative models available in the market place.

The operating system of this brand new Mini Laptop is Android 1.6 + 256M DDR2 533 GHz. The 7 inch display screen of this e-book has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The size of the e-book is 207 x 119 x 12mm / 8.15 x 4.69 x 0.47 inches. This Mini Laptop makes use of the Google Chrome-lite Browser for browsing the internet. This enables user to access multiple peer to peer communication tools like G-talk, QQ, Fring, SKYPE and MSN. Designed for business users, this laptop has office software like Document to Go and TXT installed. It is easy to make documents with ease using the installed office software. In addition to games, the new 7 Inch Android 3G Mini Laptop Netbook eBook also allows MP3 and WMA Recording.

Entertainment richness is unmatched as one can plug in for 3 Hours Movie, 2 Hours WiFi and 5 Hours Music all with this Netbook.  The black colored 7 Inch Android 3G Mini Laptop Netbook eBook has a 2400mAh Lithium Battery that will power the laptop to operate for a reasonable period of time. Some of the additional features are user-defined sound effects, a high-speed SD card, and an internal video player that can auto-search video files available in the system.

For more details, please visit: http://www.dinodirect.com/e-book-7inch-android-3g-mini-laptop-netbook.html

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