Lian Li Announces Two New Brushed Aluminum Cases – PC-V355 & PC-A55

Lian Li makes some nice cases, I have the PC-8FI and love it, the quality is just excellent. Don’t take my word for it though, just look around at the reviews for their products, from what I’ve seen every review for Lian Li products is a good one. There’s good reason for this of course, their products are just awesome, they’re truly in a league of their own. They’ve just announced two new brushed aluminum cases, the PC-V355 which is a cube style case and then the PC-A55 is a mid-tower style case. They’ve sent over plenty of pictures of the news cases along with information of course.


The micro-ATX supported PC-V355 and the slim PC-A55 ATX chassis both have the features that are to be expected from Lian Li, including: brushed aluminum frames, pop-off panels, and many tool-less features.




PC-A55 – ATX Chassis with Front-Mounted PSU and Unique Cooling Design

With a standard ATX PSU up to 160mm in length able to be mounted vertically in the front on the chassis, the PC-A55 is shorter and smaller than average ATX chassis with the dimensions of (WxHxD) 188 x 375 x 455mm (7.40” x 14.76” x 17.91”) while still having enough space for easy installations.

The PC-A55 has a unique cooling design to push cool air through the case in high volumes at low RPMs. The 140mm intake is located in the bottom of the chassis blows air directly over the VGA card and across the motherboard. The 140mm fan on the top panel is directly over the motherboard so that excess heat is removed quickly and effectively.

The front panel can be removed tool-lessly for easy access, and the I/O panel and power button is located on the top panel.

The PC-A55 supports two 3.5” HDDs, two 2.5” HDDs, and one 5.25” optical disk drive. There are seven expansion slots for future upgradeability, and VGA cards up to 310mm in length and CPU coolers up to 150mm fit in the PC-A55.

The PC-A55 is available in black or silver for the suggested retail price of US$119 (VAT not included).