Thermaltake Announces Water2.0 Performer & Pro All-in-One Cooling Solutions

Water 2.0? Is that like web 2.0? Seriously though Thermaltake has just come out with two new all-in-one liquid cooling solutions that look pretty good in my opinion. They’re just announced the Performer and Pro models with an announcement that they’ll be introducing an Extreme model this summer. The Performer versions I more of the low-end of the scale for those that want water cooling but aren’t really interested in overclocking. The Pro model is for gamers and enthusiast and the Extreme model is of course for those that want it all.




WATER2.0 Performer- Price Does Not Compromise Performance Even with the great value of the WATER2.0 Performer it uses a top quality engineered performance 25mm radiator.

WATER2.0 Pro- A Step Above The WATER2.0 Pro take the Performer design even further by applying a thicker high performance radiator which allows for more surface area and better cooling potential

WATER2.0 Extreme- When "Good Enough" is Not The WATER2.0 Extreme is for the user who wants the absolute best performance with room to push the limit. With a expanded 240mm radiator the WATER2.0 extreme can push the limits of an extreme platform.


Here’s the product page for the Pro but if you’ll scroll down there’s a nice comparison chart of all of them included:


Amazon has the Performer listed for $69.99 right now:

and the Pro for $99.99 now:

That’s not bad for a liquid cooling setup like this I think..