HTC One Case Roundup 13 Tested and Compared

Thin Cases Continued




The next case sells for about $15, so it’s not what I would call expensive and it’s basically a silicone case or skin for the HTC One.

FlexiShield Skin

Custom molded for the HTC One, this black Flexishield case provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.

Made from flexible but tough gel material
The FlexiShield combines a mixture of protection and style making this the perfect accessory for your HTC One. Each FlexiShield is made for long lasting protection. They are each made from a special tough gel, which give it the flexibility of silicone materials, but also the some of the toughness from a plastic.

Offers long lasting protection with access to all ports and features
Professional enough for work and sporty enough for play. The unique tough gel material provides the ultimate protection for your HTC One. It is custom molded to the HTC One, protecting all the corners, and leaving cut outs for the important features such as the charging and the headphone socket.

Made to measure so adds virtually no extra bulk
This FlexiShield case is made specifically for the HTC One and is the perfect protective case which still maintains the slim profile of the HTC One, ensuring that no unnecessary bulk or weight is added.

Price: $15.49

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Again we have just a plastic bag for packaging.



The cases is shiny black and it’s very flexible.

silicone2 silicone3


To get your phone in the case you kind of just pull it over the phone, slid one end in and then just pull. It’s simple and easy. The case has all of the ports and cameras uncovered and the cut-outs are nice and large so they don’t interfere at all.


 silicone5 silicone6


The case wraps around to the front of the phone to protect the screen edges. It’s not a bad case overall, it offers protection and it’s not bulky. For the price really it’s one of the nicer HTC Ones Cases I’ve seen.

I’d give the case a 9 out of 10 score.




+All ports open

+Simple installation

+Good protection


-No screen protector


The next thin style case I have comes in at about $25, so we’ve got a price jump from the last case.

Incipio Feather Case

– Very thin case
– Produced in high quality, ultra light and strong plextonium
– Gives a amazing protection against outside attacks like shock, bumps, scratches, dust, dirt, and many more
– Soft touch matte finish for a deluxe look and feel
– Absolute accurately fitting

Price: $24.81 / 19.20 EUR

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The Incipio Feather cases has some nice packaging, some of the nicest I’ve ever seen.

incip1 incip2


The cases is a plain flat black color but it’s soft feeling and it’s a stiff case, but yet like it’s name says, it’s feather light at about half an ounce.

incip3 incip4


Getting the HTC One in the Feather case is easy, just push it in really and it snaps on. As you can see from the picture below the Feather case protects the back, right and left sides of the phone so you’ll want to pick up a screen protector to go with this case surely so you get full protection. The case fits perfectly on the HTC One. This cases also allows access to the microSIM card slot, unlike the majority of the other in this list. This cases does not cover the top and bottom, it’s totally open.

incip5 incip6


The Incipio Feather case is one that will protect your phone but yet it will not add bulk or weight to it. The case is very thin so it won’t diminish from the thin profile of the HTC One.

The case allows full access to the phone ports, jacks, cameras including the sim card slot, which I haven’t seen any cases that do that.

Sure the Feather case isn’t like an Otterbox style case where you’ve got a lot of bulk and extreme protection, but the Feather case will protect the HTC One from scratches, and bumps and maybe even drops, depending of course which way the phone lands… It’s not a bad case overall, it’s thin and does offer a minimal amount of protection

Incipio didn’t include a screen protector with the Feather case, but you can pick them easily most any place online for a few dollars. The Feather case protects the back of the HTC One, so you will most certainly want to pick up a screen protector.

Incipio carries plenty of cases for the HTC One, thin and thick so there are other options from them, and they have cases for other phones as well like the Galaxy S3 and of course the iPhone.

Overall the Incipio Feather cases isn’t bad especially if you want to protect the HTC One but still want to be able to experience the thin profile of it.

The price is about $25 but that doesn’t include a screen protector, it’s not bad but I’ve seen cases in that price range that do include a screen protector.

For a score I’d give it a 9 out of 10.



+Access to sim card slot
+All ports and buttons easily accessible
+Very thin, doesn’t add bulk to phone
+Well made case offering decent protection
+Very lightweight, no added weight


-Only protects back, right and left sides
-No screen protection included



Next up I have the official HTC case for the HTC One which has a price tag of about $27.

Genuine HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell – HC C840

The HC V840 is a tough polycarbonate shell case for your HTC One to protect the device from bumps, scrapes and drops. Manufactured to the highest quality, as an official accessory all cut-outs for accessing and using the device are perfectly placed.

Hard shell protects your phone from accidental bumps, scrapes and drops
The HC C840 shell itself snaps onto the back of your HTC One, it is made from a tough polycarbonate which will protect the back of your HTC One from accidental bumps, scrapes and drops. The case is designed to be ultra thin so it adds virtually no extra bulk to your device.

Designed for the HTC One

The case is an official HTC product, as a result, it features the highest quality materials and also precision cutouts for the various ports and features of the HTC One itself which means you won’t have to remove the phone from the shell to use it.

Official HTC product
The official Hardshell is made by HTC so you can be sure of a perfect fit. Using the highest quality materials, the hardshell provides great protection for your One .

Price: $27.49

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The cases is from HTC so it’s nice packaging, a sturdy plastic box.



The case comes apart, the top and bottom sections easily come off. If you look there are little tabs on the main section of the case and holes on the end pieces, that’s how they fit together. The case though won’t stay together without the phone in it, it’s just falls right apart.


 dip3 dip4


To get the HTC One in the case you just slide it into the case and then snap the ends on. Once you get your phone in the case it’s hard to get out. The ends snap in place and the phone actually holds them in or on with pressure. I love the looks of the case with the phone in it, it looks really nice I think. The case does come up over the sides of the phone to help protect the edges of the screen.

dip5 dip6


So if you have the HTC One I can honestly say that the Double Dip case is a great choice to protect your new phone.

The case is very well made and it will stay on your phone and it looks great, it really compliments the HTC One.

The ports, speakers and sensors are all open which is a good thing, but I would prefer some sort of cover over the audio and microUSB ports. Other than that the Double Dip is an excellent case overall.

The price is under $30, which seems fine, as it is an official HTC product so it’s guaranteed to fit the HTC One specifically. The case is well made with no flaws that I found, and it looks great.

There is no screen protector included sadly, which I would have thought there would be, especially for the price.

Another 9 out of 10 case I think.




+Phone stays in case
+Decent protection for phone overall
+Case wraps around edges to protect screen

-Kind of hard to get off
-Doesn’t cover audio or microUSB ports
-No Screen protector



The next case I have is from a company I’ve never heard of, Nillkin, and the cost is about $31 for this case.

Nillkin Super Frosted Case

With an elegant appearance, precision injection design and a UV painted finish this case from NIllkin is perfect for your HTC One. In Black.

Precision Injection molded design
Nillkin’s Super Frosted Case is made using precise injection molding machines that not only gives a perfect fit, but a beautiful ‘Frosted’ finish that offers a superb tactility. The case is then finished using matte UV painting that ensures the color remains bright despite use in sunlight.

Great protection and fit
The case it self gives great protection to back and sides of the HTC One. The Super Frosted Case offer a strong rigid case that clips around your device easily for instant protection. Once the case is on you still have access to all your favorite functions and features of your HTC One including camera and headphone jack.

Included screen protector
Included with this case is a Nillkin screen protector, cleaning cloth and application card that will give ultimate protection in combination with the case. The screen protector offers easy application and crystal clear optics.


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Packaging here again is very nice, it’s a sturdy plastic box essentially.

nill1 nill2


Inside of the box you’ll find the case and a screen protector along with what’s need to install it.


 nill4 nill5


The Nillkin cases is thin and lightweight with a flat black finish but it’s got raised dots on it for grip.



The case is relatively stiff, but yet semi-flexible to allow you to get it on the phone. To get the HTC One into the Nillkin case you just push it in really, or pop the case onto the phone. It’s very simple to do. The top and bottom of this case is fully open and it does allow easy access to all ports and buttons.

nill7 nill8


The Nillkin Super Frosted Case is a decent product overall if you’re looking for minimal protection. I’m not saying ‘minimal’ in a bad way, but what I mean is it’s a very thin style case.

The Nillkin case will offer protection from damage surely, but it is thin so I might worry about dropping the phone as it doesn’t add much protection for shocks. Still the case is well made and offers a good amount of protection overall.

Included with the case is a screen protector so all you have to do is just buy the case really and you’ve got full body protection with no added expensive. Most of the time when you buy a case for a phone you need to buy a screen protector as well, you don’t have to here.

The one thing I really like about this case from Nillkin is the fact that it’s thin and lightweight. If you own the HTC One then you know it’s a thin and lightweight phone, the Nillkin case helps to keep that thin profile but yet offers protection without adding any bulk or weight.

All in all it’s not a bad case I think.

I’d give this cases a 9 out of 10 and it’s one I could recommend if you’re looking for a thin yet protective case.

9 recommended5



+Includes Screen Protector
+Thin and lightweight
+Good quality
+Adequate protection
+Doesn’t add bulk to phone


-Could be a bit more protective
-A bit expensive