n-Tegrity Pro – Fingerprint Protected Personal Data Manager

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With the state of the world we live it today security related products have become very popular, they’re not just for the government or business people anymore. Average everyday citizens need a way to protect themselves, not only from online scams and schemes but offline in the real world as well. If you happen to lose your wallet you’ve got to cancel credit cards etc, but if you happen to lose a USB drive with important documents on it it will take a lot more than a couple phone calls to companies to fix the problem. 

We carry USB drives to be able to take our things with us, most of the time it’s just basic stuff, but some people carry their work, and some even have a web browser on them. If you happen to lose that drive then you leave yourself not only open to losing your data but your browsing history as well and possibly sensitive information like login for banks and any other things you might do online, you could even possibly be giving the thief access to your credit card info as well. Carrying a secured, encrypted drive is the only real means of protection you have to prevent data loss.

There are many types of secure USB drives on the market today, not long ago I took a look at the IronKey which is one solution, today I’ve got another from a company called N-Trance. The n-Tegrity USB drive uses biometrics to secure the drive, so it’s as unique as you are, but it also uses military encryption as well on the data that’s stored on the drive itself.  That’s not all this drive is good for though, it does include a few applications with it, and you can add more as needed. The real feature of this drive is the ability to use your fingerprint to login to virtually any web site out there, that is part of the technology for this device that the company, N-Trance, has developed. No more passwords to remember as they are stored on the drive itself, encrypted of course for further protection.

The n-Tegrity comes in a nice little box with lots of information all over it, it’s got  a front flap that opens to reveal the drive itself and a bit more information.

DSCF5736 DSCF5738

Included with the Biometric USB Drive is a USB extension cable, user guide and lanyard.


The USB drive itself is obviously larger or wider than a ‘standard drive’ to accommodate the biometirc reader. The cover is built in to the drive itself, the drive slides in on itself to reveal the USB connection. The blue part is textured to easy gripping, and overall it feels very well made.

 DSCF5746 DSCF5749 DSCF5752 DSCF5756


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If you read the specs you’d know that a few programs come pre-installed on the drive, IE, Theunderbird for Email, Miranda for Messaging and Skype, you can set any of these to autorun and of course you can add more programs if you wish to. Once to program is running it’s also in your taskbar with other options available to you as well.

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From the icon you can access all of the other options of the drive including: Fringerprints, Security Settings, n-Pass, Cryptography, n-Crypt, and n-Logon.

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n-Pass is used for securely storing you passwords for any websites, contacts and secure VPN logos.

n-Crypt EVD is used to create an encrytped virtual drive on your computer that is only accessible when the n-Tegrity is plugged in, when it’s not plugged in the virtual drive ‘disappears’. With the ever growing concerns over security, especially with laptops this could be a great tool to protect data.

-Purpose – Encrypts and decrypts files/folders and whole disks to protect the valuable data, Encrypts and protects executable files to prevent unauthorized use of applications.

n-Logon is for logon credentials, you can logon to windows with your fingerprint.

Purpose – Improve security and convenience by replacement of username/password typing with hardware key and biometric authentication

n-Pass is the main program that controls everything really, the icon in the taskbar is n-Pass.

-Purpose – saving and filling of web forms and passwords automatically

The main function or idea behind this drive is for it to be used with the n-Trance technology called n-Surf. Utilizing the technology from n-Trance included into a webiste users can logon and access secure websites automatically or with the wipe of the finger. The technology allows everything to be stored encrypted on the n-Tegrity drive which prevents any chance of someone stealing a users information.

OpenID is something that it already works with the n-Trance system, you can use the n-Tegrity or n-Pass to store the ids and never have to worry about it being compromised.

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One of the great things about this technology is that none of your personal information, passwords or IDs are stored on the computer, they’re on the n-Tegrity drive in an encrypted state so there’s no chance of them being compromised or stolen even if a virus or hacker attacks your computer.

You can visit the sample n-surf website HERE to see the technology in action, of course if you don’t have the drive you won’t be able to use all of the features..

There is a lot more information about this technology available on the n-trance website HERE.

This product is not only for consumers, but it can be great for corporate users as well to secure all of their data and allow encrypted, secure VPN access to the servers.


The n-tegrity Pro and all it entails is a very useful security tool, it adds quite a bit of security measures to your computer that, in this day and age, anyone can really appreciate.

Besides the fact that it’s rather cool and futuristic to allow someone to be able to access their computer through a biometric reader.

Overall it’s a very interesting and useful device in itself, the accompanying n-Surf technology though has to be adopted by more sites to make that part of it worthwhile. You can use the n-Pass software as is to secure all of your other personal IDs and Passwords, which comes in handy.


-Simple to use 

-Well made 

-Good security measures

-Interesting approach to web security


-The Web security approach needs to be adopted by more sites to make it work






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