Review of Comenzar 5-inch LED Flickering Flameless Candle

Up for review today I’ve got another product from Comenzar and it’s another of their LED flameless candles but this on is small at only about 5 inches tall. It’s the same as the other I reviewed not long ago with the same functions and it looks virtually the same except for size. Read on to learn more..

Specifications and Features


Comenzar Flickering Flameless Candles, 5″*3.5″ Flameless Candles with Remote Timer of 2,4,6,8 Hours Battery Operated Candles for Christmas Gift.

-Smart control:With One Remote Control, You Could Control All Our Comenzar Candles of Different Sizes, & Our Candle Sets of 3
-10 Key Remote Timer-For easy & Convenient operation.Out Led Candles Lets you choose among 2/4/6/8 hours Timers as well as Static Flickering -Light options and Brightness Levels.THE TIMER WILL CYCLE EVERY 24 HOURS
-Energy saving -Our flickering flameless candles Can Simply Switch on the Remote Control by Clicking . Click it off when no longer needed.
-Battery Operated-This flameless candle is operated by 3 x AAA battery with Flickering effect .
-Safe To Use Around Children and Pets – Led candles without real fire.Never worry about fire-related accidents again!

Price $15.89 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review


Let’s start with a video unboxing / mini review and then move on:


The box is nice looking, it shows the candles lit up on it and inside you’ll find the candle packed very well with thick styrofoam on the top and bottom of it and the candle is wrapped in a thin layer of plastic as well. Once you get everything unpacked you’ll find the candle, user guide and a small remote control.

led5inch1 led5inch2

The remote is very small and uses a button or watch style battery. The remote has buttons for on/off, 2,4,6 and 8 hour timers, modes for candle and light and then two dimmer buttons. The timer is a 24 hour timer where if you press the 2hour button at 2pm it will stay or for 2 hours, go off and then come back on the next day at 2pm for 2 hours and keep running that cycle. I have one in the hallway at night where I have it set to run as nightlight from midnight to 6am everyday and it works well.



This candle is only 5 inches tall and it’s about 3 inches across so it’s rather small. It is made of was, or at least the outer layer is and it does look and feel real. The flame is just a piece of plastic shaped to look like fire and it sits int eh center but when powered on lights up to simulate a candle flame.



On the bottom is the battery compartment and power switch. The candles uses three AAA batteries for power which are not included.

led5inch6 led5inch7


When powered on it really does look like a candle especially in the dark and the flame does really move to simulate a flickering candle. The candle has two modes controlled by the remote, Candle mode where the LED inside flickers just like a real candle but the flame doesn’t move and then Light where the flame moves but the LED is steady on.

led5inch8 led5inch9



The Comenzar flameless flickering LED candles are a nice addition to any home for sure as something for ambience or just as a light source.

The candles does look real when powered on especially in the dark and it’s made of real wax so it really does look and feel like a candle.

The timer function is great and very useful as is the remote and it’s numerous functions.

These would make great gifts for sure, in fact my wife is planning on getting some to give to friends and family as she likes these so much.

As a bonus here’s a 10% discount promotion code at Amazon: 44CA-5UEDNH-385H4A

Product link:

+Timer and remote control with numerous functions
+Real wax, feels like real candle
+Looks like real candle when lit or on

-No scent like a real candle


score-10-10 Recommended

Grading Scores Out of 10
Overall score-10-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-10-10


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