Review of Cooler Master HAF XB PC Case


Unboxing: Outside Continued


The top is held on by thumbscrews as well and the stock version is a mesh top with room for a 200mm fan. You can get an optional windowed top from Cooler Master.



The bottom has ventilation slits on the sides and large rubber based feet to keep the case stable.

hafxb18 hafxb20


On the bottom you’ll also find an air filter which is for the power supply, it sits under it and you can easily slide it out from the back of the case to clean it if need be.

hafxb19 hafxb21


Speaking of the back of the case, here’s the back. You’ll find more ventilation above the PCI slots and over on the far left are holes for liquid cooling tubing to pass through, you’ll have to punch them out of course.



Above the where the motherboard I/O plates would go you’ll find a space for a 120mm cooling fan.



Below the I/O section is where the power supply will go but it looks different than most other cases as the PSU will sit slightly outside of the case. It’s made this way so you can use longer length power supplies. You’ll see more about it below once I get to installing my system in the HAF XB.



To the right are the PCI slots, these are perforated with holes to cooling.



Below the PCI slots are spaces for two 80mm cooling fans. As you can see there are plenty of places for fans to keep your system running nice and cool at all times.