Review of Cooler Master HAF XB PC Case


Unboxing: Inside


I didn’t know where to start here as the HAF XB is also a test bench so it opens up fully all around for quick and easy access to everything.

We’ll start with the front and the front bezel easily pops off to getter a better view at the inside and the fans.

hafxb30 hafxb29


Here’s a view of the front panel itself and then one of the fans, not much to say really, it is what it is.

hafxb32 hafxb33


The accessories box is in one of the X-Dock hard drive trays.



In the accessories box you’ll find the hardware for installation along with plenty of zip ties, drive rails and a small speaker that can be attached to your motherboard.

hafxb39 hafxb40


The trays expand to make installing a drive in them easier, you won’t have to fight and bend the trays to get the drive in, just open it up, put the drive in and close it and you’re done.

hafxb54 hafxb55


Remove a couple screws and the top slides off allowing access to the inside and the motherboard tray basically. The drives and such are installed beneath the tray so you’ll need to remove the sides to install them. The motherboard tray itself is removable to allow easier access and to be able to work that much easier inside. To remove the tray you will have to remove the sides of the case as the thumbscrews are located on the sides of the tray.

hafxb22 hafxb23


Here’s a better view of the tray for you: