Review of EagleTech ET-NP100K Neptor 10,000mAh External Battery Pack





The EagleTech Neptor 10,000mAh external battery pack is something that travelers should never be without. You never know when you’ll need extra power for your devices when you’re out and about, and the Neptor battery pack can charge most anything thanks to the standard USB ports on it. You’ll never need to buy any special tips, as long as you have your devices USB cable you’re all set. The battery pack can charge multiple devices at the same time or single devices multiple times, depending on what they are. The pack can easily charge a tablet to full charge so you’ll never be without power as long as you have the Neptor by your side.

Many devices out there today use microUSB for charging and EagleTech included one for you, so you really might not need any additional cables depending on the devices you own.

The Neptor battery pack can be used to charge pretty much anything you have that uses USB as a power source and you won’t need any special tips for your various devices. What this means really is that you pay once for the battery pack and then there’s no additional expenses like you’ll find with other external battery packs on the market today.



The carrying case is a very nice addition, it’s semi-hard and it’s padded for protection. I can see just tossing it in your bag with other stuff and it will be fine, the case will more than protect the battery pack from damage. The small net pocket inside will let you take an extra USB cable or three with you as well.

Having a replaceable battery is an excellent feature but I couldn’t find anywhere to actually buy one. How can you replace the battery if you can’t buy one?

The price is about $70 and for that I think it’s well worth for a product like this, it’s well made and it has multiple uses and even includes a handy and protective carrying case.












+Very large battery
+Well made and durable
+Includes nice carrying case
+Can charge pretty much everything USB powered
+No special adapters needed
+User replaceable battery
+Small and portable

-No dual USB adapter included for extra power
-Don’t know where to find replacement battery pack

Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-10-10

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