Review of Etekcity 10 Pack Power Extension Cord

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I’ve got a short review for you of a product I bought for myself that I had to share as they’re just extremely useful. We all know what an extension cord is and they can be useful but these are only 1 foot or 12 inches long. You might wonder what could you do with such a short cord, well these help when plugging in multiple power adapters that are the large square kind into a power strip. If you’ve plugged these power blocks or wall warts into a power strip you’ll know they usually cover over one or more of the other plugs leaving you with unused outlets, these extension cords solve that problem by extending the outlets and not letting the power blocks overlap so you can use all the outlets in the power strip. You can also connect multiple cords together if need be. I love these, I think they’re just a great product really, well worth the price. The thing about these is that they’re well made, when buying a power cord or extension cord you need to make sure they’re quality as you don’t want bad cords as fire is bad. These are UL certified and you can really feel the quality of them, they’re thick and heavy duty. The cables are 16awg which means they’re nice and thick and able to handle up to 13amps which is good enough for most household items. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

Etekcity 10 Pack Power Extension Cord, 16AWG-13A, UL Listed, 2015 Upgraded Version, Black

1.Etekcity have upgraded this product into 16AWG 125V/13A.
2.Lifetime Warranty by Etekcity

Optimize your reach for outlet power with simple buildable expansion. The Etekcity one foot power extension cable is a simple and affordable solution for adding a some length to your power cords. With a short length of 12 inches, the bundle of cords saves space and solves the issue of using bulky plugs. These extension cords are built with durable resilience to last a lifetime of use. They are abrasion-resistant and are designed with water resistant molded prongs for safe use in moist environments. The cables also withstand damage from prolonged sun exposure and direct sunlight.

If long expansion is needed,simply build the cables onto each other to add up to the right length without having too long of an extension. This eliminates clutter from unwanted excess cord feed.

For quality assure, the cable are UL certified and are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. Rest assured while regaining control over power strips and wall outlets in your household.

Length: 1 foot(12 inches)
Plug: 3-prong
Cord: 3x 16AWG(1.31mm²) VW-1 105? 300V
Rating: 125V/13A
Marking on cord: (UL) SJT E162604 3x16AWGVW-1 105? 300V
Marking on Plug: EL-302 E88446 UL (male plug)
Marking on plug: EL-706 E88446 UL (female plug)

Price: $19.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review

There are 10 of these cables that come in a nice looking box actually. Inside of the box you’ll find the cables inside of a plastic zip style bag which works fine to keep them together during shipping. The cables all have multiple tags on them with warnings, certifications and specs listed for you, you can remove these tags of course if you want as the larger one is rather unsightly and just really huge. Each cable is 12 inches long but you can connect them together if you want to make a longer extension cord which could come in handy. The cords are thick and slightly stiff but you can still bend them and maneuver them wherever you need to. I got these specifically to use with my entertainment center as having all sorts of entertainment and gaming equipment in one spot isn’t the best when it comes to power strips and having numerous wall warts plugged in.

etekpower1 etekpower2



Each cable comes with a plastic cap over the power connector which I think is a nice addition and they can be reused with other cables if you want to.

etekpower4 etekpower5

These cables are simple to use, truly plug and play and you can use them for virtually anything in your home really, you just may have to watch the amperage, but I don’t think it’s an issue as most people will be using these for similar to what I’m doing, small devices really.




This is one of those products that I absolutely love, they’re just so useful and versatile.

As far as price, I paid $20 for 10 of these which comes out to $2 each and I think they’re well worth it as they are well made cables but not only that, they’re just extremely useful, I just love them really. 

I can highly recommend the Etekcity power extension cords.

+Excellent quality
+Extremely useful

-None that I could find

score-10-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Design / Aestheticscore-10-10
Value / Pricescore-10-10
Performance / Usagescore-10-10

Disclosure: I purchased this product for my personal use and thought a review would benefit other consumers in making an informed purchasing decision.

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