Review of Ohuhu Stainless Steel Automatic Soap Dispenser

There’s all sorts of useful things for the kitchen and bathroom out there and I’ve always wanted an automatic soap dispenser and it seems I still want one. Today for review I’ve got a very nice looking automatic soap dispenser from Ohuhu which can hold a lot of soap and it’s very well made but sadly it just doesn’t really work correctly. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

soap1 soap2


In the small zipped bag you’ll find mounting hardware and a key that’s just to lock the base onto the dispenser.



The base is black plastic and on the back are the holes to mount it on the wall, and on the bottom is the keyhole which locks the base to the dispenser.

soap3 soap4 



The top and sides actually are very shiny, the sides are stainless but the top is plastic. The back section the top slides off to reveal a lid you can twist off to fill the dispenser with soap of course. There’s room in the top section to store the key so you don’t lose it which is nice. Towards the front on the top is a black rubber button which is used to turn it on and to change the dispenser volume levels which are low, medium and high, or a little, a lot or a whole lot of soap.

soap7 soap8


Under the top is where the soap dispenses and the infrared sensor is, on the very front is an LED that let’s you know it’s powered on by lighting up green and blinking every once in a while.



On the bottom is the battery compartment where you’ll need to put four AA batteries for power. I should not the compartment is not waterproof whish is odd because it’s something you’d most likely use around water. After having it sit on my kitchen sink for a few weeks I opened it up and the battery contacts had started to rust.



Once you get the base on it will act like a catch for any soap that drips out or misses your hand. The base is kind of hard to get on and off really but it’s supposed to be that way as the base attaches to the wall and the dispenser attaches to the base so it needs to be secure.



So I used the dispenser for over a month, I left it in the kitchen as that was just an obvious place for me, we have soap dispensers in kitchen and bathroom but I seem to wash my hands in the kitchen sink more really. I tried to use it as you’re supposed to and it seemed to work for the most part. Yes when I put  my hand under it the soap dispensed and all seemed good until the next day when I woke up to find the soap dish full and soap running down into my sink. I thought maybe it was just a freak thing so let it go and it didn’t do it the second day, but the third day and pretty much everyday after it  did as well.

There is a warning not to put the dispenser in direct sunlight as it might affect the sensor but my kitchen doesn’t get any sunlight so that wasn’t the problem.

I then noticed that sometimes when I turned the light on the soap would just start dispensing all by itself.



The Ohuhu Automatic Soap Dispenser looks vey nice and it seems well made but sadly it just really doesn’t work correctly.

I should note that I actually got two of these, the first one didn’t really work at all, the motor made noise and the LED blinked but nothing came out. This second one worked sort of as I’ve told you, but still didn’t work.

So, I’ve always wanted an automatic soap dispenser and I still want one it seems….

+Looks great
+Holds a lot of soap
+Seems well made

-Dispenses soap whenever it wants to
-Not water proof



Scores Out of 10
Overall score-5-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-5-10
Performance / Usage score-1-10

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