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When you buy an MP3 player you buy one because you like music usually, but what I can’t figure out is why are most people happy with the stock ear buds. You can easily spend a couple hundred dollars on the player itself so you can take your music with you, but then you’re using the usually inferior ear buds that come with it. If you’re going to spend all of that money on the player then why not invest in a decent set of headphones or ear buds to have quality sound as well.

Today for review I’ve got a new product from Ultrasone, the Zino headphones. These are not exactly expensive, but they’re not cheap either, they’ll run you about $100 most places. Personally I prefer ear buds especially when using my MP3 player on the go, but if the headphones sound good I’m more than happy to use those as well. The Zino headphones feature what Ultrasone calls S-Logic, and what that is supposed to do is add or create a natural surround sound element in your music. The S-Logic feature is hard to describe, but I will say you can notice a difference in the music, it makes it sound almost live. The headphones themselves are comfortable to wear, and they even come with a nice protective carrying case. So read on to learn a bit more about a decent pair of headphones…

The Ultrasone Zino headphones come in a nice large box with a window on the front so you can see both the case and the headphone themselves.

zino1 zino2

Inside you’ll find another plastic box with the headphones and case secured in it.


The case is actually very nice, it’s sturdy with a ring clip and a zipper to keep it closed. Inside you’ll find a sponge divider and you can only fit the headphones in one way. The headphone fold and fit into the top section with the cord fitting into the smaller bottom area.

zino4 zino5 zino6

The headphones themselves seem well made, they’re lightweight but seems sturdy enough. They do fold for transport, and the cord is actually thick and should be long enough for most people.

zino8 zino9 zino7

The ear pads are securely fastened to the headphones so I couldn’t easily remove them to show you a picture of the actual speakers. They are nicely padded, and cover your entire ear.


The headband is adjustable so it should fit most any sized head, it just slides in and out of the frame.

zino11 zino12



Designed for use with iPods, MP3 players and other portable music players, Ultrasone’s Zino features the company’s patented S-Logic and ULE safe listening technologies in an ultra-mobile design.

Ultrasone has given the Zino a sleek, modern look with gunmetal black, brushed aluminum ear cups and silver colored diamond-cut aluminum nameplates. Even though theZino was  designed for mobile applications,  it features two powerful 40mm gold  plated  drivers, which most commonly are found in full-sized studio headphones. The Zino’s foldable design allows for easy storage and safe transportation in the included hard carrying case.

Despite its small size, the Zino utilizes Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic technology. Rather than directing the sound to the listener’s ear canal, as most conventional headphones do, S-Logic  technology employs decentralized drivers that direct audio to  the listener’s outer ear. This  technology not only  gives  the user a natural surround experience  in a stereo headphone by utilizing the ear’s anatomy, but it also reduces sound pressure on the eardrums by an astonishing 40%.

Zino Technical Specifications:
-Principle: Dynamic / Semi-Open
-Impedance: 35 Ohm
-Driver size: 40mm Gold plated
-Magnet: NdFeB
-Frequency range: 25 – 25,000 Hz
-SPL: 101dB
-Weight (excl. cord): 84g
-Cord length: 1,2m (OFC Cable)
-3.5mm gold plated slim-plug

Price: $99.00 (Price from Amazon at time of review)

Here’s a picture of how you store the Zino headphones in their case:


To get them in the case they only fit one way, and you’ll have to collapse them back to normal if you adjusted the headband. The case overall is nice and sturdy, it should provide very good protection for the headphones inside.

So I used the Zino with my Zune 120 to listen to music as one would be expected to do.


My music tastes are varied quite a bit, from classical to southern rock to metal so I’ve got quite an assortment of music on my Zune.

The Ultrasone Zino headphones feature surround sound through what they call S-Logic. Reading the specs I was naturally curious about this and exactly how it worked and if it worked.

It really does work but I wouldn’t quite call it surround sound as most of us are accustomed to. What it does do though is add more depth to the your music, it’s something that’s rather hard to describe and has to be heard to understand really. The best way to say it in words is that it’s almost like live music, so it can make any music sound live basically.

They are nice and loud if you turn up the volume and there really isn’t any distortion at high volume either.

I do have one small complaint though, they sound a bit tinny, as if there’s just a bit too much treble almost. It’s not overly tinny sounding though, it’s just enough that you might notice it if you’re listening for it. I know many people that can’t tell the difference between a $10 set of headphones and a $200 set, so depending on your range of hearing or sensitivity to sound you may not even notice it. I notice it because I’m a reviewer and need to listen for these things, but primarily because I like my music to sound good.

As far as comfort is concerned they are fairly comfortable, the ear pads are nice and soft and comfortable to wear for long period of time. The headband is adjustable so it will fit most anyone I’m sure, but there is no padding on the headband so some might have an issue with that.

zino1 zino4 zino3 zino8


The Ultrasone Zino headphones truly do add a new dimension or depth to your music. They’re well made and the included carrying case is a nice added bonus. For the price I’ve have to say they are worth it if you like good sounding music.

They do have a slight tinny sound to them, but it’s not too bad really, and I’m sure most people wouldn’t even notice it. They are comfortable to wear for long periods, the ear pads are nice and soft.

If you’ve spent the money on a good MP3 player then you really owe it to yourself to also get a decent set of ear buds or headphones, and if you prefer headphones then I can recommend these to you.


+Very good sound overall
+Nicely made
+Does give the illusion of space to the sound through the S-Logic system
+Includes sturdy carrying case
+Comfortable for long periods

-A bit tinny sounding

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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