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Over the past few weeks, I have reviewed a couple of products from Speck, makers of cases and accessories for a multitude of electronic devices. Today I will be looking at one of their iPhone 3G cases, the PixelSkin for the iPhone 3G. The PixelSkin is a rubber case featuring a textured pattern with excellent gripability and comes in seven unique colors.

It provides access to all the iPhone 3G’s buttons, ports and controls. The PixelSkin is easily applied and removed from the iPhone 3G. Read on to find out more about this Speck case.

The Speck PixelSkin iPhone 3G Case comes in a white and orange cardboard box with a clear plastic clamshell packaging holding the case in the center. The sides of the box list a description of the case in several languages.


Inside the packaging is just the PixelSkin case. The PixelSkin iPhone 3G Case we received for review is the Marshmallow White version.

PS7 PS8 PS9 PS10

It is composed of a thick rubber material with an elevated square pattern on the sides and back. As opposed to other silicon cases, this model stands out with its unique and funky design. Although, some people may think this pattern is too “lego” looking and makes the stylish iPhone seem more like a plaything.

There are openings for the volume, headphone jack, power button, camera and dock connector. The PixelSkin iPhone 3G Case measures 2.5” x 0.5” x 4.75” and weighs in at 4.0 oz.

PS11 PS12 PS13

On the back of the case we see the Speck asterisk logo and name.



PixelSkin iPhone 3G Case

PixelSkins lightweight, form-fit helps protect your iPhone from bumps and scrapes, while the textured tile pattern provides a comfortable, tactile sensation in your hand and a no-slip grip. The case offers openings to all ports, controls and sensors for convenient accessibility

Soft-touch tiled pattern offers added comfort and grip
Lightweight design protects without adding bulk
Access to all ports, controls and sensors
Available in 7 yummy, tasty colors!

Slide the bottom of your iPhone 3G in thru the screen cutout, then pull the top corners around to front of your phone.

Length: 2.5 inches
Width: 0.5 inches
Height: 4.75 inches
Weight: 4.0 oz.

Colors: Licorice Black, Spearmint Green, Sherbet Pink, Huckelberry Purple, Marshmallow White, Corncob Yellow, Blueberry Blue

Installation involves sliding the bottom of the iPhone 3G in thru the screen cutout, then pulling the top corners around to front of the phone. Removal is as simple as pulling the iPhone 3G through the screen cutout.


The PixelSkin snuggly wraps the iPhone 3G protecting it from minor bumps and dings. The rubber is fairly thick and seems that it would provide protection from mild to moderate falls. The PixelSkin’s main selling point is its gripability and this case definitely feels very secure in one’s hand.

As I mentioned in the Speck Fitted iPhone 3G Case review, the screen area with the PixelSkin is left exposed; thus bear in mind the case will not protect the iPhone from a fall onto the screen.

PS16 PS17 PS18 PS19 PS20 PS21 PS22

All the buttons and ports are easily reached. The space for the dock connector can be easily accessed with the PixelSkin on the iPhone 3G. One drawback to silicon and rubber cases is they tend to attract dust rather easily and the raised textured pattern seems to accumulate particulate matter easily. This is especially noticeable with the white version of the case.

As with other Speck products, the PixelSkin is well designed and looks good on the iPhone 3G. Unfortunately, the PixelSkin does not come with a belt clip.

PS1 PS7 PS15 PS16


The Speck PixelSkin iPhone 3G is well designed providing protection and an improved grip for your precious iPhone 3G. Speck’s unique looking case comes in plenty of colors, so there is bound to be one favorite for everyone.

Wide Range of Colors to choose from
Full access to all controls
Light weight
Funky Design

No Screen Protection
Attracts dust easily

Overall score-8-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-8-10

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