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Today for review I’ve got the first actual phone I’ve reviewed in my time doing this. Sure I’ve reviewed several cell phones, but never an actual phone for a landline. This one is from VTech, and it doesn’t have any fancy name just LS6425. It’s a cordless DECT phone, meaning that it’s secure, has great sound quality and good range. It’s also an answering machine and you can store up to 100 numbers as well. What makes this phone really special though is the addition of Bluetooth built into it. The Bluetooth wireless allows you to not only use a standard BT headset with but you can actually connect your cell phone to make and receive calls through it. In my time with the VTech LS6245 I’ve found it to be an excellent phone overall, it’s very stylish looking, it’s easy to use and it works perfectly as it claims. So read on to learn more…

First up I’ve got the video unboxing for you:

And of course pictures!

The Vtech LS6245 comes in a stylish black box with pictures and information on it, inside you’ll find another compartment style container with everything in it:

DSCF7527 DSCF7528 DSCF7529

Included with the phone is the base, rechargeable battery pack, cleaning cloth, power supply, phone cord, user manual and quick start guide.

DSCF7531 DSCF7532 DSCF7533 DSCF7548 DSCF7549

I was truly surprised by just how small the base unit is. It’s about 10” long by 3.5” wide and 2” at the back of the base, it’s wedge shaped so it’s much thinner at the front. On the back you’ll find the phone and power connections.

DSCF7534 DSCF7535 DSCF7536

There’s no buttons on the base of the phone, it’s all touch sensitive. Overall it’s a very nice presentation, but it’s glossy and it does pick up fingerprints and dust easily, that’s why they included the cleaning cloth. The left side is the charging port, the moving to the right you have the speaker, the the display and buttons beneath that, and then finally the number pad.

DSCF7547 DSCF7546 DSCF7545

The phone itself is very thin, and really it looks nothing like a phone. It’s flat on the front and rounded on the back to make it easier to hold. The phone is also touch sensitive, and it’s very glossy like the base. The back is where you’ll find the battery cover and the speaker.

DSCF7538 DSCF7539 DSCF7540

The handset also has a nice large display on it, along with buttons similar to the base and most any other phone.

DSCF7543 DSCF7544

The phone has a sensor on it that knows when you place the phone to your face so it locks the keypad so you don’t accidentally touch any buttons with your face.

Since it’s so glossy it easily picks up the oils from the skin of your face as well, you’ll be cleaning the phone often.



Expandable cordless phone system with Bluetooth wireless technology and touch controls on the handset and base

Key Features:
* DECT 6.0 Digital technology provides the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones
* No buttons-uses touch technology
* Expandable up to 12 handsets and requires only one phone jack
* Dual caller ID/call waiting*—stores 100 calls
* Handset and base speakerphones—enjoy hands-free conversations
* Polyphonic musical ring tones
* Interference free for crystal clear conversations
* Protect yourself from identity theft with digital security
* Large reverse LCD with white backlighting
* Connect two different cell phones at the same time
* Connects to Bluetooth­ cell phones
* Make and receive both landline and cellular calls when connected to a cell phone via bluetooth technology
* Store up to 4 different cellular profiles

Answering System
* 14 Minutes of recording time
* Answering system available from handset
* Audible time and date stamp on recorded messages
* Digital answering system—no tapes or moving parts

Additional Features:
* 100 name and number phonebook directory—easily store and dial frequently called numbers
* Conference an outside call between handsets
* Intercom between handsets—no more shouting, “Dinner Time!”
* Transfer calls between handsets—no more shouting, “It’s for you!”
* 100% RoHS compliant
* Additional keypad on base
* ENERGY STAR qualified cordless phone
* Handset volume control
* Last 20 number redial
* Page/handset locator
* Selectable ring tones
* Slim handset size
* Trilingual prompts—choose between English, Spanish or French
* WiFi friendly—won’t interfere with wireless networks

Price: $79.95

Installation is very easy, plug it in to a power outlet, attach your home phone line and you’re basically set. Before that though you’ll need to charge the phone before you use it of course.

While installing the phone I came across something that I don’t like about this phone, it’s not wall mountable. My old phone/answering machine was mounted on the wall, and it was there for many years, so it’s still taking time to get accustomed to where the phone is. I have it only a few feet away from where the original phone was, but still after all that time I still reach for the wall when the phone rings. Oh well, I’ll deal with it…

The LCDs on both the base and the phone are black and white, negative looking.

Here’s several picture of the base interface, it’s not fancy but it works. Like a cell phone you can also change the ringtones selecting from several choices. You can also save and store number in the directory and even use the phone and base as an intercom system.

DSCF8028 DSCF8031 DSCF8034 DSCF8036 DSCF8038 DSCF8039

The phone is locked until you press the unlock button, just like a cell phone basically, then it lights up brightly.

DSCF8051 DSCF8054

The menus on the phone are shorter, meaning less options but these have nice little graphics on them. The menus though are pretty much the same that you’ll find on the base unit.

DSCF8056 DSCF8057 DSCF8058 DSCF8059 DSCF8061 DSCF8062 DSCF8064

I paired up my Droid cell phone to make and receive calls, it worked perfectly and it was easy. I also paired my Jawbone2 BT headset as well with the VTech LS6245, that worked fine as well.

DSCF8040 DSCF8045

Here’s the Droid paired with the Base:

DSCF8065 DSCF8072 DSCF8073

When you receive a phone call on your cell with Bluetooth enabled the name appears on the handset for you know which line is ringing. With a cell paired via Bluetooth to the LS6245 you basically now have a two line phone system in your home. Making a call via BT is easy, on the handset there’s a  button below the # key labeled ‘Cell’, just press that button and dial to make a call via your phone.

The whole Bluetooth thing had me confused at first, I couldn’t figure out what the point of it would be besides pairing with a headset, but now I know it’s much more valuable than that. On my cell phone plan, long distance is included in my minutes, so basically I or anyone else can use the handset to make long distance calls without incurring the normal landline charges.

If you’ve got an unlimited cell phone plan you can see where this could and would easily save you a lot of money, for any and every call you make. Making calls using the Bluetooth via your cell phone sound just like the landline calls, there’s no difference there at all. As with any Bluetooth device though the range is somewhat limited by not only distance but also what’s between the base and your cell phone. If you’ve got more than one cell phone in your house you can pair two phone to the VTech LS6245 as well, so you’ll have a three line system in your home, but you can’t make calls to or from both phones at the same time, still though it’s a nice feature. One phone allows you to answer three phone lines basically.

I like the answering machine, and the fact that you can retrieve message from the handset, it works well and it’s easy to do. I don’t like the fact that you can’t listen the messages through the ear piece, you’ve got to use the integrated speaker on the back of the phone. The base will beep when you have a message, but the phone itself doesn’t let you know you’ve got a message audibly, just a message on the display. This isn’t too much of a big deal for me though, the beep is loud enough that you’re sure to hear it most anyway.

The ring tones included are basic, nothing special, but they do the job.

I also really like the fact that you can use both the base and the handset as a speaker phone. If you don’t have the handset handy you can still make phone call via the base.

I have Wi-Fi in my house and I noticed no interference at all with the calls.

Overall call quality was excellent, crisp and clear. Anywhere I went in my house I had no problems making or receiving calls with this phone, the range is very good.

The battery seems to last a long time as well, but I don’t often take the phone from the base really. My cell phone sits on my desk and that’s the number I give out, not my home phone number, so I mostly use my cell for all of my calls. For a few days though I did use the handset with the Bluetooth connection to my phone to make and receive calls that way, and that battery stayed charged fine.

I love this phone system really, it’s great, it’s easy to use and the call quality is excellent.

The VTech LS6245 is also rather inexpensive, the VTech site lists the MSRP as $79.95 but I found it on Amazon for only $68.25, so that’s not bad.  The VTech LS6245 is also expandable with up to 12 more phones or handsets. Again I checked over at Amazon and the additional handsets with small charging base included cost about $34 each.

DSCF7527 DSCF7531 DSCF8054 DSCF8073


The VTech LS5245 is a great phone system for the price, it’s very well made and it’s easy to use. The Bluetooth functionality certainly adds even more value to the phone overall, it allows you to make and receive calls from the handset via your cell phone. This alone can save you some money really. You can also pair a BT headset with the VTech and use it like you would our cell phone to easily talk without the handset.

There are a couple minor issues with this phone, but the pros easily outweigh the cons.

If you need a new phone that I can recommend you take a look at the VTech LS6245.

9 recommended5

+Looks great
+Easy to use
+Clear sounding phone calls
+Decent speakerphone
+No interference
+Easily pair Bluetooth devices to make and receive calls

-Glossy phone and base really pick up dust, oils and fingerprints
-Can’t listen to messages on phone through ear piece
-Not wall mountable

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

This product was given to technogog for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review, we do not, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products. To learn more about our review policy please visit this page HERE.

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