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11 of the Best 3D Scanners You Can Buy in 2020

These days, you see ’em everywhere. From major industry to DIY home projects, additive manufacturing is all the rage. We’re talking about 3D printers, one of the hottest new technological advances in decades. But a printer is only as good…

3D Printed Customized Logo Pens

I made my mechanic a 3d printed pen a long time ago and it recently broke so I thought why not make him a customized logo pen.   Thingiverse link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2738392

3D Printed Hexagonal Pen

My mechanic loved the 3d printed pen I made for him, but it recently broke so I figured why not make him another one and I found this one on Thingiverse that looks neat.   Thingiverse link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2114702

3d Printed Unicorn Cookie Cutter

My wife loves unicorns so I printed the cookie cutter and then made Christmas unicorn cookies, a little overboard on the icing but that’s the best part! Wife, kids and friends loved them, and so do I, they’re just basic…

3D Printed Kitchen Sponge Holder

I love printing useful things and I’ve seen many different sponge holders over on Thingiverse but this one just popped up and I liked the looks of it. The holder is in 3 parts and it’s easy to print and…