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Motion Computing Launches Rugged Tablets


These aren’t exactly consumer products, but a rugged tablet is something that’s certainly interesting. These new tablets feature the Intel Core vPro processors or the Core i7/i5 along with 160gb HDD and up to 4gigs of ram. What makes them…

Sonim Brings Rugged Spirit To Europe


Heads up to our European readers… the Sonim XP2 Spirit is heading your way. I don’t know about you but I like this phone but I’m not sure why. it does have an interesting look to it, and of course…

Verizon Wireless Goes Rugged With the CASIO G’zOne Rock


Verizon Wireless and CASIO today introduced the new CASIO® G’zOne (pronounced Jeez_wun) Rock(TM) to Verizon Wireless’ growing line-up of rugged phones. Perfect for customers with active lifestyles, the Rock’s advanced G’zGear software operates in six modes, including Earth Compass, Walking…