10 Hottest Male Gaming Characters

squall leonhart

Some people claim that gaming is just for men, but one look at the majority of game characters will have you think otherwise. Either the game designers were going through a sort of catharsis when designing the men of their games, or someone wanted women to have a little bit of eye candy while gaming. Either way, it works for me.


10.) Sparrow – Fable II


Little Sparrow grew out of his name by the time he took the role of hero in Fable II. Not much changed about him since then, though. He is still brave, stalwart, worthy, and cute, though not in such an innocent way.

The game has taken a literal approach on defining good and bad based on beauty. If the gamer is playing a corrupt character, Sparrow is pasty white with black hair. If the gamer is playing on the pure side, Sparrow has sandy brown hair with tan skin. His looks are also improved by eating healthy food. So, the level of desire you may have for the character is based on what you do to him. If you take care of him and play nice, you will be rewarded.


9.) Marth – Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Marth, the young hero of Fire Emblem, is an exiled prince driven by a wrathful vengeance to take the life of the nemesis who killed his father and kidnapped his sister. Few game characters are motivated by a platonic love. Unfortunately, in the game, he doesn’t stay single for long.

The character is simply good in his saga, fighting evil and striving to reclaim his kingdom. His slim physique is accentuated by his cape. His stylish clothes remind the gamer of his nobility. Marth had a rough life, but managed to keep his flowing blue hair in place throughout all of his dramatic sword fights.


8.) Squall Leonhart – Final Fantasy VIII

squall leonhart

When we first meet Squall, he is a teenage loner and a mercenary in training. He is rigidly stoic, which earned him the title, "the lone wolf." He does not reveal his feelings, which leads him to be defined as cold. In reality, he is just a shy kid who would rather hide behind his disheveled hair and his gunblade.

The gunblade makes a man out of the 17 year old. His weapon of choice combines the power of a gun and a sword, used by pulling the trigger once the blade makes contact with the flesh. He wasn’t quite so quiet once he got the gunblade in his hand. Squall has a small scar running across the bridge of his nose, which, like many scars, loses its merit when you find out how he got it.


7.) Link – The Legend of Zelda


Pointy ears were never so adorable as on Link, the pointy-eared protagonist of the Zelda games. Link is the classic hero. He is purely good, innocent, and valient. His motives are never questioned, and his heart remains pure. We watch Link grow into his ears through the series, from his beginnings as a young and curious child. But we do not simply watch him grow older, we see him grow in character, mastery, and fortitude.

He is the savior of the princess, who dedicates his life to fighting the bad guys until he accomplishes his goal as hero. Link risks everything to save Zelda, with a manly sensitivity to a knowledge of good and evil. Few games draw the line between right and wrong as strongly as in Zelda. He is lovable and warm, without an ounce of concern over whether his path is toward the good, or whether his heart is pure. Link got everything right from the beginning, from the tips of his ears to the base of his perpetually green tunic.


6.) Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm – World of Warcraft

archdruid fandral staghelm

Staghelm is the leader of the night elves, arguably the most attractive race in World of Warcraft, so anything less than sheer and untainted masculine beauty would leave gamers disappointed. Luckily, he exceeds expectations. He may be a bit harsh, but his feather skirt – or "kilt" – softens his demeanor without softening his muscles.

Standing at nearly eight feet tall, he recently celebrated his 9,000th birthday with the physique of a 30 year old night elf. He is radical and militaristic, and exudes power, but he also assists low-level druids in gaining skills with his quests. Nearly any woman will agree that power is an aphrodisiac, but the ability to give power is even more seductive.


5.) Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid


Snake performed a near-miracle by making a fashion statement with his monochromatic armor and bandana. If Jason Bourne was a video game character, he would be Solid Snake. Snake is a mercenary, working in black operations and espionage for a special forces unit called Foxhound. He is adept at working alone, simply following directions from his radio.

He has chiseled features and a sturdy demeanor to match his build. Snake is an amalgamation of the heroes of action movies, and his physical appearance is a replica of two actions heroes. His body is designed in accordance with that of Jean-Claude Van Damme, and his facial features are created after the appearance of Christopher Walken. Ironic, since Snake himself is a clone. His kryptonite is a medical condition which causes seizures.


4.) Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy VII


Cloud’s spiky blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and massive sword guarantee his status as one of the hottest gaming characters. At an early age, he left home to save the world, and achieved the highest rank possible in his unit of soldiers. His nemesis was his former mentor, and Cloud suffered from mental confusion after he was physically altered to become a super-soldier.

At the beginning of his quest, he seemed to be just involved in his endeavors for the adventure. Later on, though, he reveals that he has genuine concern and empathy for his fellow man. He admitted to his weaknesses, showing his true character, and allowed his childhood friend to help him with his emotional difficulties. Underneath the rough exterior, he is really just a cute goth kid who needs a hug.


3.) The Prince of Persia – The Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia

This admirable prince is more accustomed to blood and battles than thrones and theocracy. He is the rare breed of ruler who has the courage to stand up and fight for his kingdom. He is a mysterious character, with a rough exterior and a good heart. The Prince is brave and stalwart, but doused in the cocky irreverence that makes him seem more human and princely.

The hotness of the Prince of Persia attracted national attention, winning the game the Best Visual Arts Award. His facial scars do not detract from his perfectly chiseled jaw line, and his lucky scarf combines with his tousled hair to give him the look of a playful rocker from the rough side of town. Though he has his moments where he may come off as over-protective, he is a true ladies man who fights alongside his woman, and then carries her to safety, too.


2.) Gordon Freeman – Half Life

Gordon Freeman

Nothing is sexier than a physicist in a hazmat suit and thick black glasses. Unless, of course, that physicist spends his free time fighting aliens with a crowbar. The hostiles creeped onto our planet through an interdimensional portal. Luckily, Freeman and his academic degrees were ready for them.

Gordon got his P.h.D. in theoretical physics from MIT, but the origins of his alien-fighting skills are left to mystery. The man is a silent force, and never says a word through the entirety of the game. He was one of the few surviving scientists, and showed vast courage in his battles. The main issue with Freeman is not whether or not he belongs on the list, but whether it is his keen intellect or solid physique that makes him so appealing.


1.) Sir Auron – Final Fantasy X


Auron is a quiet and mysterious man, desiring to detract attention from himself so much that he covers the lower half of his face. This overzealous modesty adds to his appeal. He is so hardcore that he manages to pull of wire-framed glasses and grey-striped hair. He even makes being dead look good.

The first time Auron died, he saved the life of his friend. The second time he died, he crawled miles, fatally wounded, to fulfill a promise. His loyalty persists through death. He was the guardian of Yuna, and reappeared briefly in Final Fantasy X-2 to speak a few words of encouragement in the heat of battle. Auron is dignified beyond words and enduringly selfless. His good looks are just the finishing touches.

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