Will There Be A New Generation of Slot Machine Games In 2021?

As technology and in turn, our lives continue to change, so does the gaming industry. We can observe such progress in casino gaming, and there is no reason it should not continue in the future.

The extensive use of Big Data to reach specific demographics, implement new features, and introduce new technological solutions will undoubtedly help make improvements. Even in simpler games like slot machines.



Thriving with the use of new technology

The gaming industry has been among the pioneers in embracing the concept of blockchain technology. Slot games are no exception. There are already plenty of online casinos that allow an alternative method of payment. Therefore, it is no news that we can operate with cryptocurrencies, but there’s still more to offer.

Another significant trend the developers need to take seriously is the live dealer feature. Most reputable casinos cannot afford not to include it in their offer. Of course, different games have a different level of dealer’s involvement. You might think there is not too much they can do when playing slots. You can indeed spin the wheel on your own, but most players are in it for the interaction.

Mobile and more

Undoubtedly, slot machine games are relatively uncomplicated in their basic form. But it’s not like they remain the same all the time. Knowing how to win at slots is just about the only thing that won’t change for sure. The rest can always be improved.

New titles are being released nowadays, many with new mobile-optimized features. This is vital in the face of the increased popularity of gaming on wearable devices like smartwatches. Thanks to the implementation of HTML5 designs that allow immediate flash accessibility, users can play on mobile browsers without downloading anything.

The industry’s top developers are investing substantial resources in researching the most stimulating software. The games must load with fresh graphic designs and state-of-the-art gamification and have a superior and friendly interface to put players in a good mood. It should particularly appeal to younger generations because they are already used to the modern features in the typical video games and consoles.

Any casino operator who wants to stay in business will need to keep up with current industry trends. People always want more entertainment and engagement. When presented with unattractive content, they could quickly get bored. Therefore, we should be able to witness more upgrades in the slot machine in 2021.

The future is near

For the most part, in today’s casino gaming, playing with live dealers is the best way to get a real experience. However, it still does not offer the level of immersion players would want to have in a video game. No wonder then that the breakthrough we so much desire is the development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Introducing this concept to slots and other casino games certainly makes for an exciting opportunity. Naturally, the industry, known for openness to new technologies, has been flirting with the concept for a while now. Nevertheless, we are not quite there yet when it comes to having a fully VR-powered casino. However, it is expected for virtual reality adoption projects to move forward significantly in the upcoming year.