Review of Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Video Camera

Unboxing Continued



The camera features a color wide-angle lens with digital zoom, 107° field of view in diagonal and high-powered infrared LEDs for night vision viewing. Video is encoded using the at H.264 codec up to 720p at 30 frames per second. Also found on the camera is a speaker and microphone for two-way talkback.


The front of the camera is composed of an internal Wi-Fi antenna and Infrared LEDs. The Dropcam name is seen below the camera lens with a status light resting above it. On the back is a speaker, reset pin, microphone and micro-USB port.

Dropcam13 Dropcam14

Dropcam also provides a 10-foot long USB cable with an AC adapter. What differentiates this cable from others is its thickness. This cable appears to be designed for harsher environments than most standard USB cords. An optional mount is included for wall placement.


 Dropcam16 Dropcam17




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