Review of Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Video Camera



The Dropcam HD has the best video and feature set of all the home security/monitoring solutions that I have reviewed. The iOS apps works great and the location-based activation is a nice way to avoid recording one’s self while at the Dropcam HD’s location. Video quality is outstanding whether viewing through the web-based interface or on an Apple or Android device.

The construction of the camera is excellent as Dropcam chose quality internal components for the camera along with the physical structure of the mount. Even the heavy gauge USB cable allowing the Dropcam HD to be used in harsher environments shows the attention to detail by the Dropcam creators.

Initially I was somewhat turned off by the DVR subscription model as I believe the user should be able to record video locally without paying additional fees. For instance the STEM iZON offers free cloud video recording of up to 25 videos per day. I think Dropcam should offer the capability to record locally. However, the subscription based option for the PVR service is ideal for the technologically challenged as the interface is simple and easy to master.

While not the perfect remote video monitoring solution, the Dropcam HD has a lot of positives going for it with its advanced features and functionality. There are still a few things that need some tweaking but the Dropcam HD may be the best home and security monitor in its price range.







+Simple, quick setup
+Excellent video quality
+Solidly constructed
+Excellent Night Vision mode
+Location based activation using iOS device

-Not stealthy
-Two way audio needs improvement
-Recording requires additional subscription


Grades: 9 out 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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