Review of Kingston Class 4 32gb MicroSDHC Card

Our phones, well at least my phone, is used for much more than making phone calls. I used it for checking email, browsing the web, playing games, listening to music and even watching videos. A lot of newer phones today come with a large amount of on-board memory but some don’t, and even if the phone have a lot of memory that could not be enough for many of us and our large libraries or media and even games. Today for review I’ve got the new Kingston Class 4 32GB microSDHC card and from my time with it I’ve found it to be a decent choice  if you’re looking to expand your storage possibilities.

The KIngston 32gb microSDHC card comes in a cardboard package with plastic inside.

king32sdhc1 king32sdhc2 king32sdhc3

Inside you’ll find the microSD card and an SD card adapter.

king32sdhc4 king32sdhc5

It’s a microSDHC Card, so it looks like any others.




Presently I have the 16gb Kingston microSDHC card in my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, so this 32gb will replace that. Before I put the card in my phone and used it I ran ATTO on it and the other cards just because I was curious as to speeds.

According to the specs this card is a Class 4 and it should do 4MB/sec. minimum data transfer rate.

atto 2gb atto 4gb atto 16gb atto 32gb

Well the Kingston 32gb card does over 4mb/s almost 5 actually for write speeds. Read speeds are a little over 18mb/s. Speeds seem fine to me.

I transferred everything from the 16gb card to the new 32gb card and put it in my phone and used it. I had no issues taking pictures, listening to music or watching videos. No skips, no nothing, everything was nice and smooth, so I’d say it works just fine.

king32sdhc1 king32sdhc2 king32sdhc4 king32sdhc6


So it’s a microSDHC card and it works great with portable devices. What more can I say really, speeds are decent for a Class 4 card, slightly faster than the rated specs for write speeds and it has decent read speeds as well.

The price is fine, it’s pretty much one of the lowest priced out there, at least the places I checked over.


+Decent speeds
+Good price
+Work well

-None really


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  5 comments for “Review of Kingston Class 4 32gb MicroSDHC Card

  1. Mr.37
    October 25, 2010 at 12:46 am

    Hhhhmmm Very nice review …. I have been looking for a 32GB for my EVO for a while. Can’t decide between SanDisk class 2 for around $90 or Kingston class 4 for $115. Reviews at amazon suggest that SanDisk class 2 cards have read/write speeds like class 4 or better. Can’t decide …..

  2. Pietjee
    October 27, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Nice review, good there is another brand MicroSDHC with 32GB on the market!

    The symbols you use for GB is wrong though and can be confusing (Wiki):
    The unit symbol for the gigabyte is GB or Gbyte, but not Gb (lower case b) which is typically used for the gigabit.

  3. Tasman
    January 13, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    Its on ebay for 44,99 EUR at this day (13.01.2011)

  4. tjmaX
    February 1, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    guess this is just an update for those that don’t know, but newegg got a Patriot LX Series Class 10 32GB for $100 or somewhere around the net there’s a Lexar 32GB Class 10 for around $88. Both are good name brand.

  5. Dwayne
    March 17, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    I bought mine a little over a year ago, but recently in the last couple of weeks it is completely garbage – became unreadable; formated the card, pictures/video taken to it were not readable a few days later, I/O error upon diggin in OS X terminal. Waste of money… back to the old saying “Spend the money and be happy” instead of trying to cheap out.

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