Review of OKOA LED Magnifying Table Lamp


I’m getting older sadly and that means my eyesight isn’t what it used to be so I need help from time to time and that’s where today’s product comes in, it’s a magnifying lamp from a company called Okoa. The lamp is is unique in that it can be a table lamp with a base and even a phone holder but it can come apart to let the magnifying lamp be attached to other surfaces thanks to the clamp on the base. It’s not bad overall, it would be great for hobbies and other types of things that require looking at details. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

Magnifying Table Lamp – Work Bench Magnifying Glass with LED Light by OKOA – Clamp & Standing Type – Flexible Arm – Practical & Ergonomic Design – Ideal for Crafts, Sewing, Jewelry

THE OKOA LED magnifying lamp comes with a 4.3 inches lens, offering 4 x magnification when used with precision work. The gooseneck adjustable head and easily attached clamp are ideal for using it on all sorts of tables, desks and countertops, while the practical smartphone support allows you to watch videos while following the steps in real time!

WHAT YOU NEED: Looking for a top-quality LED light to improve visibility while enjoying your favorite hobby? Would you like to invest in a proper magnifying lamp that is practical and easily adjustable? OKOA has the perfect solution!

2-IN-1 DESIGN: This magnifying table lamp comes with an ergonomic design, including both a powerful clamp clip and a stand, being easy to attach or place anywhere. The built-in mobile phone holder on the base is perfect for watching DIY videos!

POWERFUL LEDS: This work bench magnifying glass has a color temperature of 5500K, using a pure white color which minimizes the eye’s effort. With 3 adjustable intensities and dimming modules, suitable for all your needs, this LED lamp is also energy-efficient!

FLEXIBLE GOOSENECK: With an ultra-durable, adjustable gooseneck, the OKOA LED magnifier is easy to bend in any direction and provides excellent stability. The strong neck won’t change the position of the head, once adjusted, allowing you to properly do your work!

IDEAL FOR CRAFTS: Order this practical magnifying table lamp for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a friend, and you can be sure to win their appreciation! The lamp can be used for all sorts of crafts, sewing, jewelry, studying small objects and more!

Price: $26.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review

Let’s start with a video unboxing and then move on:

The lamp comes packaged in a plain brown box and inside you’ll find the lamp parts wrapped in plastic and there’s more cardboard inside as packing material to protect the lamp.

okoamaglamp1 okoamaglamp2 

Once you get everything unpacked you’ll find a user guide, cleaning cloth, magnifying lamp, base and USB cable for power.

okoamaglamp3 okoamaglamp4

The base is heavy and it has four rubber non-slip feet on the bottom. Towards the front of the base is a groove that can be used to hold your cellphone or whatever else. The center section is cutout and thinner than the rest of the base. The base is made of plastic but inside is a hunk of metal, I know this because I took it apart to find out what was rattling inside of it when I did the video unboxing. There are screws under the rubber feet.

okoamaglamp5 okoamaglamp6

The lamp itself is without the base is about 13 inches high when bent in a lamp like position.


The base of the lamp has the Okoa logo on it and a power symbol, the symbol is the power button actually, it’s touch sensitive and the lamp has three modes of low, medium and high.


The base is a spring clamp actually with rubber grips inside of it and on the back is the power port for the USB cable included to power the lamp. The clamp allows you to put the lamp where you need to and take it with you, just clamp it on the edge of a table where you’re working and it’s ready to go.

okoamaglamp9 okoamaglamp10

The bottom clamp on the lamp fits into the base to use it as a table lamp when you want or need to.

okoamaglamp11 okoamaglamp12

The USB cable plugs into the back of the lamp and there’s a red LED that lights up when there’s power going to it.


The lamp has 18 LEDs in it for light in a circular pattern on the bottom of the magnifying glass to light up your work surface and what you’re working on.

okoamaglamp13 okoamaglamp16


The magnifying glass has two parts to it, the larger section and a smaller more powerful section for finer detail work.

okoamaglamp17 okoamaglamp18


I like this lamp especially since it can be used with the clamp of the base, this makes it much more useful in my opinion.

The lights are more than bright enough to see what you’re working on and you can choose the brightness levels depending on your needs.

The magnifying glass works fine, it makes things bigger, not much else to say really. I should note that it’s not glass, it’s plastic, some people might care about that but for my uses it’s fine.

The lamp doesn’t use much power at all, you can connect to your computer’s USB port for power or even use a portable power bank.

I did run into an issue with the base section, it’s not exactly stable, it needs to be either wider or heavier as if you stretch the lamp far over it falls over.  Eventually I think I’ll take the base apart and add more weight to it so to fix the problem.

The lamp does seem well made overall, it is plastic with a metal goose neck which is sturdy and stays in the position you put it in.

As far as price, I think it might be a bit overpriced for what it is and what you get really.

+USB powered
+Seems well made overall
+Desk or clamp mounting
+Three levels brightness

-Base could be heavier or sturdier



Scores Out of 10
Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-8-10
Value / Price score-8-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only for free or at a discounted price.

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