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Review of Magnetyze Apple iPhone 4 / 4S Charger


Wireless iPhone charging comes in two varieties – inductive and conductive. Induction transfers energy across a gap into the device’s battery while conduction transfers via direct contact between the power source and battery. Well known inductive charger brands include PowerMat…

Review of iDapt i4 Universal Charging Station


Individual device chargers are notorious for taking up space whether it is on the counter or in a drawer. Assorted plugs and cables can make the neatest areas look cluttered. Todays review item – the IDAPT i4 helps address this…

IDAPT i2+ Universal Charger Now Available


I’ve always been skeptical about these universal chargers, it seems most of them are made for iPhone and Apple products even though they say ‘universal’. The idapt i2+ though is, I think, truly a universal solution for charging most all…