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Pillow Pets for DS Available Now

pillow pets hi res front 8_23

My kids love the Pillow Pets, they’ve got plenty of them so I think I’ve got to trade in some of my old DS games and get this for them.  Anyway, the game is out now for only $19.99, and…

Atari Ships ‘Puzzler World’ For Nintendo DS

Atari, Inc., one of the world’s most recognized videogame publishers, announced today the release of Puzzler World, the ultimate addictive, brain-buster for puzzle lovers of all ages. Developed specifically for Nintendo DS(TM) by Ideas Pad in close partnership with Puzzler…

2009 Holiday Buying Guide: Top 10 Console Games


These days, chances are there is at least one person on your Christmas shopping list who is a console gamer. With the gamer demographic becoming more expanded, you could just as well be needing a Christmas present for your five…

Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter for Nintendo DS


A few years back, a super interesting game was born. It was a game where you got to fully design your own character, draw parts of the levels you were tackling, create your own tools and use your imagination to…

My Secret Diary – Nintendo DS


My Secret Diary is the seventh O-Games title I’ve had the ability to review. While I haven’t been impressed whatsoever by the other two titles in the My Games series (My Dress-Up and My Make-Up), My Secret Diary offers a little bit more substance and is the first game in the series that may actually have a justifiable existence. While the other My games offer little to do and no reason to do it, My Secret Diary has some hint of a purpose and reason for a young girl to give it a few moments of their time. I’m not saying it’s the next Final Fantasy, but at least it’s something.

My Make-Up for Nintendo DS


I’m not the target market for My Make-Up. I’m not a nine year-old girl bored to death with no other means of entertainment and no method of social interaction. That doesn’t prevent me from knowing what does and doesn’t make for a good video game. If you read my recent review of this game’s counterpart, My Dress-Up, you’ll already know the verdict. It’s the exact same bit of slag, but on a face instead of on the body.