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Why Doesn’t Your Office Have A Recycling Bin?


Offices across the globe are one of the major contributors to waste that could otherwise have been recycled. Paper products, inherent to the operation of a typical office, can easily be put aside for recycling once their usefulness is over.…

Review of Bioserie iPhone 4 Case


iPhone 4 cases are made from all kinds of materials – silicone, plastic, rubber, polycarbonate, carbon fiber and plants. Plants? Did I just write plant? Yes I did. Bioserie is a company dedicated to creating products that "allow consumers to…

Review of i-Mego Earth Series Headphones


Up for review today I’ve got the i-mego Earth Series headphones, and they’re green in both color and construction. Not only is the packaging made from recycled material but the headphones themselves are. The MSRP is under $50, so I…