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Review of DROID Pro


There are many versions of the Droid out there now and Android phones but none are really aimed at business people, that is until Verizon and Motorola introduced the Droid Pro. It’s  a world phone that comes with a sim…

Review of Motorola Citrus


Today for review I’ve got another inexpensive phone from Verizon, it’s an Android phone running version 2.1 and it’s from Motorola. The Citrus is meant to be basic and it is, it’s small and compact but yet it gets the…

Review of Motorola Droid R2D2 Edition


The Motorola Droid is undoubtedly one of the most popular Android phones on the market today, for good reason it’s a great phone. The Droid name is taken from Star Wars so it’s no surprise that they released an R2D2…

New Products on technogog


Happy Monday, welcome to a new week and we’ll start it off with a listing of the new products we’ve recently added to our main site. We’ve got projectors, cell phones, netbooks, GPS devices and monitors too!

Review of Motorola Droid 2


The Motorola Droid, is no doubt a popular phone, now we have the Droid 2 running the Android 2.2 and some beefier specs. It very much resembles the original Droid in design, and I can understand why nothing changed much…

Hands on With the Droid X


So a little bike messenger dropped something special off to me today, and yeah I’m excited about it, it’s the Droid X from Motorola and Verizon.. This isn’t the full review of course as I’ve only had it for a…

The Droid X is Here!


Well it’s not in my hands right now.. but I was at the conference via live webcast and it was fun, I tweeted notes about it actually on our Twitter account.. that was fun keeping up with the people talking…