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Raijintek Morpheus VGA Cooler Review @ Hardware Asylum


In this review we looked at the extreme performance Morpheus cooler from Raijintek. This cooler takes a no compromises approach to aftermarket GPU cooling and would be a good alternative any OEM heatsink. URL: http://www.hardwareasylum.com/reviews/cooling/raijintek_morpheus  

Inno3D GeForce GT 240 for the Digital World

Inno3D® are excited to announce the Inno3D® GeForce® GT 240 graphics card. The GeForce® GT 240 opens up visually tantalising possibilities by providing the graphics processing power to manipulate the dullest of photos or home videos and transform them into…

AC Product Launch: Accelero XTREME GTX Pro


The  Swiss  low  noise  cooling  solution provider ARCTIC COOLING today unveiled the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro, a new VGA cooler of  the  reputable Accelero  series. This 3-fan solution  is designed  for  the high-end nVIDIA GeForce GTX series, offering gamers a…

How Stuff Works: Computer Graphics Cards


You know the words you’re reading right now? You’re seeing them thanks to your computer’s graphics card. The game you just played? Yeah, that was the graphics card too, big guy. Without your computer’s graphics card, your monitor is as…

AC Product Launch: ARCTIC MX-3

Arctic Cooling is a company that makes some great products not only for consumer use, but you can find their VGA coolers on card that you might buy in the store. I’ve been using their MX-2 thermal Compound for quite…