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Get Green With Your iPhone

You know that you can place calls, check email, and play DoodleBug on your iPhone, but did you know that your iPhone can also help you be more green? We look at some of the apps you can install and…

Wherefore Art Thou, Zune Phone?

When the Windows operating system first crawled onto a Palm sized device back in April, 2000, a lot of us thought we were seeing the future of smart phones. Many developers spent the next few years building apps and preparing…

Android Device Round Up

Android – I am sure that most of you tech savvy readers know what it is, and what impact it may have on the future of mobile computing. For those that do not know the details, Android is an operating…

Is There A Tablet Computer In Your Future?

Is there a tablet in your future? If you read the news sites or visit many tech blogs, it seems that the newest computer gadget threatening to invade the market is the tablet computer. This year’s CES showed that many…

The 2010 CES Describes Your Future HDTV

What should you expect in your next HDTV? The Television set has been a fixture in most American homes for quite a number of years now. With an unprecedented amount of media available to the end user today, the chances…

Year In Review: Best And Worst Of The Tech World 2009

2009, what a year it was. To say that it was a roller coaster applies not only to the financial world, but to the tech world as well. We had some great hits, and some equally great misses. Without getting too terribly technical, let’s take a look at some of our favorite hits and misses in the tech world for 2009.

Make Your Holidays Easier – With Google Docs and Gmail

The Holidays, while bringing a lot of joy and happiness to people, can also bring with it a lot of stress. Between the gift buying, the get togethers, the dinners, the visits, the trips, and more it can become hectic. But with modern information tools you can find help in getting all the tasks behind you to ensure a pleasant holiday experience.

Tips: Tech Gifts To Avoid Giving This Holiday Season

Ah, the Holidays are here, and with it comes the Spirit of Giving. While you are going through your list, finding the perfect gift for those you love (and otherwise), it might be good to note that some tech gifts are better served by not giving.

7 Cyber Monday Websites: Offering Great Bargains, Coupons and More

If you missed out, or simply avoided, Black Friday… Cyber Monday is the day for you. While Black Friday is the busiest brick and mortar shopping day of the year – Cyber Monday boasts the busiest online shopping day of the year. Here’s 7 websites to help you find the best Cyber Monday deals.

You Can Become A Gmail Power User

Gmail is everywhere. From innocent mail users getting a note from granny, to power users that are forging a path across the internet wastelands, Gmail is a formidable tool in every web jockey’s arsenal. But to really use this versatile set of tools to their best advantage, a little knowledge can turn the chevy into a Ferrari powerhouse.