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Review of Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale


Everything seems to be smart these days, we’ve got all kinds of smart stuff coming out and health and fitness products are very popular. The most common thing or should I say core item is the scale, if you want…

D-Link DSP-W110 Wi-Fi Smart Plug Review @ TweakTown


QUOTE:“Is it time to make your house a smart home? Then come and take a look at Tyler’s full review of the D-Link DSP-W110 Wi-Fi smart plug.” For more information, please visit – http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/6770/d-link-dsp-w110-wi-fi-smart-plug-review/index.html

Review of Satechi Smart Travel Router


When someone thinks of a router they think of that rather large box with antennas that connects to your network for internet access, at least I do, but technology let’s us make things smaller and smaller. Today for review I’ve…

Review of D-Link DSP-W215 Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Smart Plug 01

Home automation is the latest frontier that tech companies are trying to conquer. Even the big names in tech are joining in as Google has bought out Nest and recently acquired Dropcam while Apple launched HomeKit a protocol for unifying…

Review of Lumen Smart Bulb TL800


Light bulbs do not usually come to mind when thinking about tech devices. Today’s review item plans to change everyone’s opinion of the plain old light bulb. While LED light bulbs are certainly not new the ability do control them…