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Review of V-Moda Faders Ear Plugs


I’ve got something different for review today, but it’s from a company that you’ve most likely heard of, V-Moda. The product is ear plugs, yes actual ear plugs like those you use to protect your ears from loud noises. They…

V-MODA Presents Remix Audio Headphones


New headphones from V-Moda are now available, and they’re not too expensive either, priced at $79.99 and available in 3 colors: Rouge, Blush and Gunmetal. A newly tuned 9mm V-MASQUE neodymium dynamic driver creates the absolute in clarity and the…

V-MODA Presents Remix Remote Headphones


I’ve never tried V-Moda headphones myself, but I’ve hear only good thing about them. They’ve just released a new pair called the Remix Remote which is a redesigned version of their original in-ear headphones. These headphones are made for Apple…