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Bad Juju Buys Desura from Linden Labs


I’ve never used Desura, I have a bunch of keys but I have Steam, Origin and Uplay installed and I just don’t want to install another one. Maybe I should hold a contest here and giveaway all those keys? Anyway,…

NHL 2K Comes to iOS and Android


2K has just announced that NHL 2K is now available on Google Play and the iTunes Appstore which means they’ve launched it for both iOS and Android at the same time which I something you don’t see too often. From…

Fluster Cluck Now Available on PS4


Sony has just announced that Fluster Cluck is now available for the PS4, it’s from Loot Entertainment which is part of Sony. With a name like Fluster Cluck, it’s obviously meant to be funny where you abduct things like camels…