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Toshiba Launches its First Hybrid Drive


Haven’t hybrid drives been around for awhile now? It seems Toshiba is finally catching up as they’ve just announced their first hybrid hard drive that combines mechanical platters with nand flash memory. It’s basically a hard drive with a small…

1TB WD VelociRaptor Now Available


One of the fastest hard drive on the market has just gotten an upgrade, yes it’s now available in 1TB capacities. The drive is 2.5” in size and runs at 10,000 RPM with an SATA 6 interface for maximum transfer…

Seagate Buy Samsung’s Hard Drive Business


It looks like Seagate’s hard drive business got a little bigger with the acquisition of Samsung’s HDD division. There aren’t many hard drive companies left really are there? That can’t be good for competition can it? Seriously though, think about…