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Review of AT&T Motorola Backflip


Today for review I’ve got a phone from AT&T called the Motorola Backflip. This is the first Android phone from AT&T, and honestly it’s not the best example of Android out there. The Backflip is a clamshell or flip style…

Motorola Announces the Quench


The new Android phone from Motorola is called the Quench… ever think they’re running out of names for their phones? Anyway, the Quench features Motoblur and a 3.1” hi-res display along with a 5mp camera with LED flash. In the…

Motorola Devour Hits Verizon!

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A new Android phone will hit Verizon March, and it’s a good looking phone, though I’m not quite sure about the name Devour…  The Devour though has a 3.1” Capacitive Touch screen, touch sensitive navigation pad, along with pre-load apps…