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Kodak is Playfull and Now Waterproof


The Playfull line of Kodak cameras just got a new addition in the Playfull Waterproof video camera that can handle 720P video recording and the ability to edit right on the camera. So if you’re thinking of going to the…

Review of Dry Doc Digi 2 Water Proof Case


It’s Friday and I’ve got a quick review for you of a product that’s meant to offer protection to your electronic gadgets like phones and MP3 players from water, dust and pretty much anything else. It’s called the Dry Doc…

Otterbox iPod Nano 4th Gen Armor Case

Otterbox Ipod Nano 4th Gen Defender Case

Today for review I’ve got the last case from our friends at Otterbox for the Apple iPod nano 4th Generation, the Armor case. This case is the ultimate in protection for your iPod, not only is it rough and tough,…