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News for Saturday November 30th 2013


So, Black Friday is over and people were stomped, trampled, stabbed and shot, yeah, just another Black Friday it seems. I don’t understand why companies do this, I think they enjoy the fighting and violence honestly as it leads the…

Compro Launches TN600W Cloud Camera


It’s a shame we live in society where everything has to be monitored isn’t it? I mean really, we can’t trust anyone to do what they’re supposed to do and not do bad things, we need cameras everywhere. Cameras aren’t…

Compro announces IP55 Network camera


Compro has just introduced a new IP camera called the IP55. The camera is standard wired version but can be upgraded with an optional 802.11N kit. The IP55 can do 1280×1024 resolution with dual MJPEG and MPEG-4 streams. It can…