Verizon HP Mini 311-1037NR Netbook


Before the holiday I’ve got a large review for you. Last week I reviewed the Droid from Verizon Wireless, this week I’ve got one of their netbooks to review. It’s the HP Mini 311 and it’s one of the first…

Verizon Wireless Motorola DROID


All of the phones I’ve reviewed up until now have been for the AT&T network, the obvious reason is that I’m on the AT&T network. Recently Verizon emailed me and asked me to check out some of their products and…

Divinity II Ego Draconis for PC

Divinity2 2009-12-11 21-03-51-06

I love gaming, I always have and I always will I think. I can remember way back when I was a kid enjoying playing games, and now that I’m an adult I still enjoy it quite a bit. My favorite…

SanDisk Extreme Pro 32gb Compact Flash Card


Reviewing the new SanDisk Extreme Pro Compact Flash card is easier said than done due to its blazing speed. The card is so fast that every device I tested with the SanDisk Extreme Pro Compact Flash Card was slower than the CF card.

Pantech C790 Reveal


The Reveal is for AT&T and it’s considered a messaging phone, it features a full slide out QWERTY keyboard and a regular dialer keypad as well. It’s got a 1.3MP camera in it, along with bluetooth, AT&T navigator and access to most all other stuff on the AT&T network as well. It’s not a smartphone by any means, but it resembles one. One of the nice features of the Reveal is that both keyboards are active at the same time so basically you’ve got a full QWERTY keyboard with a separate numeric keypad as well, so there’s no pushing a function button to access numbers.

Qnap TS-219P Turbo NAS


I love network attached storage, or NAS boxes as they’re called because they’re extremely useful for many, many things. External hard drives are nice if you want portability, but how many people actually take a big external HDD with them.…

An Unofficial History of The Unboxing


Gadget pron, gadget porn, unboxing, unpacking, uncrate, it’s been called many things, but it’s The Unboxing. Why is it that we love to unbox our gadgets, what is it that excites us so much about unboxing a new gadget or…

10 Internet Memes That Can Still Make You Laugh


Do you still laugh at Keyboard Cat, Kanye’s Interruption and Chuck Norris facts? You’re not alone… the reason memes become popular to begin with is they’re humorous and addictive. These 10 memes can still tickle the funny bone.

Upgrading to Windows 7


If you’ve paid any attention to what’s going on in a couple days then you’ll know that the new operating system from Microsoft is set to launch, October 22nd to be more specific. It’s called Windows 7, while I’m not…