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Vegas is Here with William Hill


Choosing to Join William Hill Vegas is a Winning Proposition Contrary to popular belief, online casinos are not all created equally. Some are ho-hum, most are adequate, while only a handful shine brighter than others do. The longstanding and reputable…

Cougar Announces 300M Gaming Mouse


  Cougar has just announced the 300M gaming mouse which features 4000dpi along with seven programmable buttons and a 1000mhz polling rate. The 300M also features on-board memory that can store up to three separate profiles and it even has…

Cougar Announces 200K Inexpensive Gaming Keyboard


When I think of gaming keyboards I think of mechanical, but before mechanical keyswitches became as popular as they are today most gaming keyboards weren’t mechanical, they were scissor or membrane style switches. Mechanical keyboards are great, I love them,…