Nintendo Wii Games

The Biggest Loser Nintendo Wii


The Nintendo Wii is a great little console, there’s no doubt about that, with it’s motion sensing abilities and the balance board add-on it’s spawned a rather large collection of fitness type games that work rather well with it. I’m…

World of Zoo Nintendo Wii


Today for review I’ve got another game for the Nintendo Wii, and again it’s from THQ. The game is World of Zoo and it’s a game that is truly aimed at smaller children, it’s a game that fits into a…

Cars Race-O-Rama Nintendo Wii


The Cars series has been around for about three years now, and it’s still alive and kicking and I have to say still doing very well in popularity.  You might think the movie has been milked of all the spin-offs…

Marvel Super Hero Squad for Nintendo Wii


I’ve got another kids game today for review, this one is Marvel Super Hero Squad. If you’re an adult, you’ll find this game rather boring as it’s extremely repetitive, but if you’re a young child then you’ll love it, or…

Drawn To Life : The Next Chapter Nintendo Wii


So today we have Drawn To Life The Next Chapter from THQ and I have to say that I never played the first Drawn To Life game so there’s not going to be any comparisons made in regards to the first game, but I can tell you that I had a lot of fun playing this game and so did my kids. It’s a game that I think a lot of people will like, especially children, Drawn To Life is a game that truly allows you to get involved with the game and actually create the gaming world. The interface does take quite a bit to get accustomed to, drawing with the Wii remote can be hard, but in the end it’s a lot of fun.

Dead Space Extraction


Dead Space is and excellent game, but it started you out sort of in the middle of the story and you’re left wondering how’d you get here. Yes you can watch the additional movie and read the comics to learn…

CID The Dummy – Nintendo Wii


I love doing reviews, but there are times when they seem to be more of a chore than fun, when it comes to bad games, writing their reviews is one of those times. Many games start with what could be…