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TYLT 2.1A-Wall Travel Charger Review @ TweakTown


QUOTE:“TYLT has a great device in the 2.1A-Wall, as it’s a super small and very powerful travel charger that will have you up and going in no time at all.” For more information, please visit – http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/6892/tylt-21awall-travel-charger-review/index.html  

Review of Satechi Smart Travel Router


When someone thinks of a router they think of that rather large box with antennas that connects to your network for internet access, at least I do, but technology let’s us make things smaller and smaller. Today for review I’ve…

Poweradd Announces 50W Desktop USB Charger

Poweradd USB Charger

We’ve reviewed a few Poweradd products here on technogog and I’ve really found no issues with any of them, so the ones I’ve personally seen are good ones. The products I’ve reviewed from them were all portable batteries but they…

Review of Braven 570 Bluetooth Speaker


Up for review today I have the Braven 570 Bluetooth speaker but it’s much more than that as it is also a speakerphone but more importantly it’s also a portable battery to keep your devices charged. The 570 has a…

Arctic Launches Home Charger 4500


More power is always a good thing and the new Home Charger 4500 from Artic features four USB ports for providing extra power to your devices when you need it most. It’s available now worldwide on Amazon for about $15…

Anker Intros Dual Port Car Charger


Sometimes simpler is better really and when it comes to charging in your car, the choices remain the same for the most part with companies just making them better. What I’m talking about is the USB car power adapter and…

ECBC Intros High-Tech Luggage Collection


This luggage from ECBC isn’t just luggage as it’s gone high-tech as they have built-in charges in them so you’ll always have power on the go! These are designed to be carry-on bags and they have a 4500mAh charging unit…