News for December 13th 2011


Wow, there’s only 12 more days until Christmas, or 11 until Christmas eve. I hope you’ve got your shopping done and are not waiting until the last minute! Anyway, it’s time for the news from our friends around the world!…

Review of Genius HS-200 Gold In-Ear Headset


For today’s review we will be looking at a budget priced in-ear headset from the folks at Genius – the HS-200 Gold. This affordable headset features hands free capability smartphones users; although Genius specifically designed the HS-200 Gold with the…

Jawbone..Meet The Jawbox


So is your Jawbone BT headset just floating around unprotected? Have you ever wondered how come there wasn’t a nice hard case for that jawbone? Well wonder no more as a company called Jabberbox has just come out with the…

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