Review of Kingston SSDNow V+ Drive 128GB SSD


As Solid State Drive (SSD) technology continues to mature their adoption rates increases making them more prevalent. PC manufacturers now offer SSDs as installation options in both Desktops and Laptops configurations; an expensive option but still an option. One way…

What’s Wrong with 5 inch Tablets?


With the impending release of the 5 inch Dell Streak and other rumored similar tablets, it begs the question – is there a market for them? Will the buying public find that a 5 inch tablet is the perfect tablet…

Boost Mobile Launches Samsung Seek


The Samsung Seek is a touch screen phone with a qwerty slide-out keyboard, it’s actually the first touch screen phone available on Boost mobile!  The launch of the Seek also coincides with the Boosts offering of their $50 monthly unlimited…

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