The Top Apps for Gamers

If you game online and on pc you should know the experience isn’t just you and the game. There are a variety of apps and programs that you can download to add to the gaming experience on both your PC…

Can Gaming Fix Damaged Brains?

Gaming online can now reduce the occurrence of brain diseases. Well, are you amazed? According to a recent research carried out in Australia, it has been noted that first-person shooter games like Medal of Honor or Counter-Strike can help rectify…

3D Printed Mini Filament Spools

I saw these over on Thingiverse and just had to print them, and I decided to make one for every color of filament I have. They’re neat and cute… Here’s the link for you:

Why Do Tech Companies Need Courier Services?

The technology sector is one that has grown beyond all recognition in the past two decades. Innovation after innovation has changed billions of lives, all while adding billions of dollars to the accounts of Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and many more.…

3D Printed Overwatch Badge

My son likes Overwatch so I made him this badge…. Needs sanded a bit as I printed it fast with low resolution, but still not bad… Here’s the link if you want to print one:

3D Printed Black Cat for Halloween

I just had to print something for Halloween so I found this black cat. It’s supposed to be a fridge magnet but it doesn’t have to be… Here’s the link for you:

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