Seagate Unveils New BlackArmor NAS 400


The new BlackArmor NAS400 has an MSRP of $399, and it supports several raid configurations. It features hot-swappable drives, it’s user configurable, you pick the drives you want in it basically and go from there. You can fit a total…

Acer 3D Ready Projectors Come to Canada


So it looks like you folks up in Canada can now get these 3D ready projectors from Acer. There are three different models ranging from $499 up to $699 with varying features of course.. Acer X1230PS – Brilliant Visuals for…

Mac Money – Financial Software for your Mac


Earlier we looked at financial packages for the Linux Operating System, and as a follow up we would like to take a look at some solutions for the Mac user. After all, Macs are a very popular alternative to a…

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