Cougar Announces 300M Gaming Mouse


  Cougar has just announced the 300M gaming mouse which features 4000dpi along with seven programmable buttons and a 1000mhz polling rate. The 300M also features on-board memory that can store up to three separate profiles and it even has…

We’ve Moved to a New Home!


So we’ve been quiet for a while, lack of posting sorry, but our server couldn’t handle it but as of about 20 minutes ago we’ve moved to a new hosting company. Dreamhost is now our new host, no more GoDaddy.…

Review of DUBS Acoustic Filters


According to statistics more than 48 million Americans experience hearing loss with 60% of those below retirement age. Whether it’s loud noise from the subway, work related, during a game or concert; repeated noise exposure can cause permanent hearing damage.…

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