Samsung Introduces HMX-T10 HD Camcorder


The new HMX-T10 is a compact digital camcorder with a built-in 2.7” touch screen LCD display. The camera also features a 20-degree slanted lens for unprecedented user comfort. The HMX-T10 has a stylish finish and slim design to make it…

Apple News!


Apple just announced several new things going on with them, and I figured instead of making separate posts I’d combine it into one for you. At least what I’ve got so far, and I have to say I do like…

Sony Launches New Reader Line


And in more Sony news today, they’ve just launched three new E-Book Readers called the Reader Pocket Edition, Reader Touch Edition and the Rader Daily Edition. I’ll still never understand the popularity of e-book readers though, it’s just no the…

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