Review of Ultrasone Zino Headphones


When you buy an MP3 player you buy one because you like music usually, but what I can’t figure out is why are most people happy with the stock ear buds. You can easily spend a couple hundred dollars on…

Review of Verizon Wireless DROID Eris


The DROID is popular now, last month I looked at the Motorola DROID from Verizon Wireless and this month they’ve sent me its little cousin the DROID Eris for review. I’ve been using the DROID Eris now for more than…

A New Jawbone is Here: The ICON


Starting today you can get a new Jawbone ICON Bluetooth headset for $99.99. I’m a bit behind the times I guess because I’m still using the Jawbone2, I never even got the Prime and now they have a new one.…

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