Epson MegaPlex Projectors For Your iDevices


Hmm.. a decent projector with a built-in dock for your iPad, iPod or even your iPhone. These new projectors come in two flavors, the MG-50 offers basically standard resolution at 540P while the MG-850HD can give you 720P resolution. Which…

Kodak Launches Easyshare Touch M5370


The new Kodak M5370 features a 16mp sensor, along with the ability to shoot 720p HD video and has a Share button to automatically upload your picture to sites like Facebook. MSRP is $179.95 and it comes in Pink, Blue,…

Windows 8 Developer Preview


I love Windows 7, I like Vista actually, they’re both better than XP as I’m concerned. I don’t get what all the fuss was about Vista, it was actually fairly decent, but Windows 7 is the best by far. Now…

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